Adjectives for Explanation

Adjectives For Explanation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing explanation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'explanation' can profoundly impact the nuance of your message. A 'simple explanation' suggests clarity and accessibility, whereas a 'plausible explanation' highlights the credibility or believability of the statement. Opting for 'satisfactory explanation' conveys a sense of completeness or sufficiency, satisfying the inquirer's curiosity. On the other hand, a 'further explanation' implies that what has been provided is not enough, inviting deeper exploration. Each adjective, from 'possible' to 'only,' shades the meaning, adding layers of complexity or simplicity, doubt or certainty. Discovering the most fitting adjective can dramatically sharpen your communication. Explore the full list of adjectives below to master the art of nuanced explanations.
possibleThe plants were dying, the possible explanation being they were not getting enough water.
furtherShe asked for a further explanation
satisfactoryThe professor provided a satisfactory explanation for the complex theory.
simpleThe simple explanation is that the Earth is round.
plausibleThe jury ultimately decided that the suspect's alibi provided a plausible explanation for their whereabouts at the time of the crime.
detailedThis is a detailed explanation
alternativeThere could be an alternative explanation for the strange noises coming from the attic.
scientificScientists have provided a scientific explanation for the phenomenon.
fullThe full explanation is provided in the following paragraph.
adequateThe student provided an adequate explanation for their absence from class.
rationalThe investigation failed to uncover any rational explanation for the incident.
completeShe gave the doctor a complete explanation of her symptoms.
reasonableHe provided a reasonable explanation for his delay.
bestThe committee voted on the best explanation
partialThe partial explanation offered by the professor left the students confused.
sufficientTheir request for additional information was provided with sufficient explanation
trueThe true explanation is that the Earth is round.
clearThis formula can be applied with a clear explanation
probableThe probable explanation for the delay is the bad weather.
logicalOur logical explanation for this outcome was that the results did not support our hypothesis.
theoreticalThe theoretical explanation for this phenomenon is complex and still under debate.
obviousThe obvious explanation for the delay was the bad weather.
historicalThe Declaration of Independence is a historical explanation of the reasons why the thirteen American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain.
naturalThe shadow of the tree is a natural explanation for the cool spot on the grass.
betterThe response should contain a better explanation
psychologicalThe psychological explanation for the behavior was rooted in childhood trauma.
correctThe correct explanation is that the Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours.
fullerThe fuller explanation will provide more detail on the subject.
convincingThe convincing explanation provided by the instructor helped clarify the complex concept.
officialThe official explanation was not very clear.
aboveI hope the above explanation was helpful.
mechanicalThe mechanical explanation for the car's malfunction was complex and required a skilled mechanic to interpret.
readyThe ready explanation delighted the students.
usualWe are used to the usual explanation
ultimateThe scientist provided the ultimate explanation that uncovered the truth behind the phenomenon.
latterThe latter explanation was more convincing than the first.
functionalThe functional explanation of the device was provided in the manual.
physiologicalThe physiological explanation for the observed changes in behavior is due to the release of stress hormones into the bloodstream.
simplerCan you give me a simpler explanation?
comprehensiveThe proposal provided a comprehensive explanation of the project's goals and objectives.
thoroughThe thorough explanation provided a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
carefulThe careful explanation provided all the necessary details.
verbalThe teacher gave a detailed verbal explanation of the concept.
sociologicalThe report provides a sociological explanation for the increase in crime rates.
biologicalHis mother's biological explanation of her behavior focused on repressed memories.
acceptableThe acceptable explanation satisfied the dean.
lengthyHe delivered a lengthy explanation of the situation to the board of directors.
tentativeThe team offered a tentative explanation for the delay.
teleologicalTeleological explanations attempt to provide an understanding of the purpose or goal of a particular phenomenon.
writtenThe teacher provided a written explanation for the assignment.
geneticRecent research has revealed a possible genetic explanation for the disease.
mechanisticThe mechanistic explanation provided a detailed account of the process.
philosophicalThe philosophical explanation behind the concept of free will is complex and multifaceted.
evolutionaryThe evolutionary explanation for this behavior is that it increases the chances of survival.
elaborateMy elaborate explanation clarified the complex concept.
validThe author provided a valid explanation for the results.
coherentThe professor's coherent explanation made the complex topic easier to grasp.
straightforwardThe straightforward explanation unraveled the mystery with clarity.

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