Adjectives for Export

Adjectives For Export

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing export, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of global trade, the adjective used to describe 'export' can significantly alter the nuance of the discussion. Whether discussing 'total exports,' which encompasses the entirety of a country's outgoing goods, highlighting 'important exports' that are vital to an economy, or referring to 'major,' 'chief,' or 'principal' exports that denote the top commodities, each term sheds a unique light on trade dynamics. The 'annual exports' give a time-specific snapshot, revealing trends and shifts in global demand. These adjectives paint a detailed picture of economic stature and strategy, hinting at the complexities of international trade. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring to life the intricate narrative of exports below.
totalThe total export of the country increased by 10% last year.
importantBrazil was one of the largest world's suppliers of coffee, it was an important export
majorThe United States is a major export of agricultural products.
chiefChina's chief export is electronics.
principalCoffee is the principal export of the country.
annualThe annual export of crude oil from the country is expected to exceed 10 million barrels by the end of next year.
mainGermany's main export is cars.
netThe country's net export is increasing rapidly.
largestCoffee is the largest export of Kenya.
valuableThis valuable export commodity generates a substantial portion of the country's income.
largeThe company has a large export volume.
agriculturalAgricultural exports are an important part of the economy of many countries.
averageThe average export value of the country is 10 million dollars.
onlyWe only export products that meet our high standards.
considerableOur company has achieved considerable export sales over the past decade.
directThis company is proud of its direct export to other countries.
freeThe company has free export of funds.
foreignThe company's foreign exports increased by 10% last quarter.
americanThe American export industry is booming
illegalThe illegal export of goods is a serious offense.
singleThe single export of this country is bananas.
britishThe British export tea to many countries.
primaryCoffee is the primary export of Colombia.
profitableCompanies with profitable exports are often rewarded with government incentives.
significantCanada's significant export is canola.
greatestThe United States' greatest export is agriculture.
invisibleInvisible exports are services exported to other countries but not physically shipped.
biggestSugar was once the biggest export of Barbados.
japaneseJapanese exports are highly valued for their quality and craftsmanship.
traditionalThe government has been encouraging traditional export industries for decades.
chineseThe chinese export market for porcelain surged under the influence of the East India Company.
commercialThe commercial export of agricultural products is a major source of revenue for many developing countries.
successfulThe company's successful export of its products to China has led to increased revenue.
actualThe actual export of the manufactured goods exceeded the forecasted value.
yearlyThe yearly export of oranges is expected to increase by 10%.
domesticThe United States experienced a rise in domestic export sales during the second fiscal quarter.
scaleThe company increased its scale export by 20% last year.
culturalThe United States has many cultural exports, such as movies, music, and fashion.
sovietThe soviet export was a major source of income for the country.
substantialThe country's substantial export of agricultural products contributes to its economic development.
regularThe company's regular export volume has increased by 10% this quarter.
subsequentThe subsequent export of the data was successful.
massiveThe massive export of wheat to China brought in much-needed revenue.
overseasThe overseas export of agricultural products has been increasing steadily.
rawThe raw export includes all the data regardless of the current filters.
dominantOil remained the dominant export of Saudi Arabia's economy.
indirectThe company expanded its reach through indirect exports.
lucrativeThe sale of rare earths is a lucrative export for China.
illicitThe illicit export of cultural property is a serious problem.
continuedOur continued export to China resulted in a substantial increase in our revenue.
swedishSwedish meatballs are a popular Swedish export
manufacturedThe country's manufactured exports have increased significantly in recent years.
globalThe company's global exports have increased significantly in recent years.
famousNo, the famous export product of the United States is the 'Boeing 747'.
soleThe country's sole export is bananas.
organicThe organic export industry is booming.
enormousThe country's enormous export surplus is a sign of its economic strength.
dependentThe dependent export is a type of export that is dependent on the import of another good or service.

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