Adjectives for Exports

Adjectives For Exports

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exports, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe exports can subtly shift the focus and add depth to discussions or reports. Whether highlighting the total volume to gauge economic activity, distinguishing agricultural products from manufactured goods for trade analyses, or specifying net figures for a nuanced financial overview, each adjective unlocks a new dimension. Furthermore, national adjectives like British or American not only indicate the origin but also bring in geopolitical and economic contexts, enriching the narrative around exports. Dive into the complete list of adjectives to uncover the full spectrum of insights they can offer on exports.
totalTotal exports fell by 10% last year.
agriculturalAgricultural exports from the region have been declining in recent years.
netNet exports represent the difference between a country's exports and imports over a specific time period.
britishBritish exports have been growing steadily in recent years.
japaneseJapanese exports have been growing steadily in recent years.
principalThe country's principal exports are coffee, oil, and cocoa.
traditionalIndonesia's traditional exports include rubber, palm oil, and coffee.
chiefThe country's chief exports are coffee, tea, and spices.
industrialIndustrial exports fell sharply as the economy slowed.
primaryPrimary exports are goods that are sold in their natural form or after minimal processing.
majorCanada's major exports include oil, gas, minerals, and agricultural products.
domesticThe United States's domestic exports were $173.9 billion in December 2022.
germanGerman exports rose 2.9% in April, beating expectations.
indianIndian exports increased significantly over the past decade.
canadianCanadian exports include a variety of natural resources, manufactured goods, and agricultural products.
annualThe company's annual exports are expected to reach ten million dollars.
sovietSoviet exports included agricultural products, machinery, manufactured goods, and energy resources.
chineseThe Chinese exports have been booming in the past decade.
mainThe country's main exports are oil and gas.
mexicanMexican exports to the US have been growing rapidly in recent years.
frenchFrench exports include wine, cheese, and luxury goods.
brazilianThe main brazilian exports are coffee, soy, iron ore, and sugar.
foreignForeign exports were down last quarter due to the global economic downturn.
nontraditionalNontraditional exports accounted for over 50% of the total exports in 2021.
australianAustralian exports include iron ore, coal, and natural gas.
russianSome countries implemented an embargo on Russian exports
invisibleInvisible exports such as financial services and tourism, are an important part of the economy.
rawChinese raw exports rose by 20% last month compared with the previous year.
englishEnglish exports increased significantly in the 19th century.
swedishSwedish exports include automobiles, paper, and wood products, among other items.
latinLatin exports coffee, sugar, and bananas.
intensiveThe country's intensive exports have contributed to its economic growth.
averageThe country's average exports are increasing steadily.
europeanThe company mainly sells its products across the world, with the majority of European exports going to Germany.
polishPoland's major polish exports are furniture, clothing, and footwear.
crudeThe country's crude exports were down last month.
commercialCommercial exports reached record levels last year, with many countries experiencing a surplus in their trade balances.
egyptianEgyptian exports consist of a variety of products such as oil, gas, textiles, and automobiles.
regionalThe increase in regional exports helped increase our overall profits.
asianThe country is rich in asian exports
southThe south exports many agricultural products.
nuclearNuclear exports to India have been controversial since the early 1970s.
africanChina is the largest importer of African exports
italianItalian exports of fashion and luxury goods are well-known worldwide.
globalGlobal exports are expected to grow by 4% in 2023.
overallOverall exports increased by 10% last year.
irishGrowth in Irish exports has outpaced the rest of Europe.
hungarianHungarian exports increased by 10% last year.
visibleThe country's visible exports have increased by 10% over the past year.
colonialThe colonial exports were mostly agricultural products, such as cotton, tobacco, and sugar.
spanishOlives are one of the major spanish exports
westThe west exports more agricultural products now than in the past.
turkishTurkish exports increased by 10% in the first quarter of the year.
substantialThe nation owes its commercial success to the global standing of its substantial exports
dutchDutch exports fell by 6.2% in October.
grossWith a 3.9% growth rate, the gross exports increased significantly.
eastEast exports its surplus to foreign countries.
danishDanish exports increased by 5% in the last quarter.
indonesianIndonesian exports reached a record high in 2022, driven by strong demand for coal and palm oil.
illegalThe shipment was confiscated by customs because it contained illegal exports

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