Adjectives for Express

Adjectives For Express

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing express, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'express' can significantly alter the nuance of your message, highlighting different aspects of speed, quality, or priority. For instance, 'fast express' emphasises the speed of delivery, 'best express' points to the quality of service, while 'first express' might indicate a pioneering service or a priority option. Each adjective brings its own flavor and focus, allowing writers and speakers to convey precise meanings and sentiments. Understanding the subtle differences between these adjectives can enhance communication, making it richer and more specific. Discover the full range of adjectives that complement 'express' and explore the nuances each one brings to your sentences below.
moreThe train was more express than the bus.
firstThis is the first express delivery ever.
bestThe best express delivery service is reliable and efficient.
mostI am most express here.
fastThe fast express train sped through the countryside.
specialThe special express train arrived on time.
orientThe Orient express is a luxury passenger train that travels between Paris and Istanbul.
famousThe famous express steamed down the tracks.
boundThe train is bound express to Chicago.
limitedThe limited express train departed from the station on time.
lastThe last express arrived with a great deal of noise and commotion.
dailyThe Daily express is a British tabloid newspaper.
overnightThe overnight express train arrived on time.
montrealThe Montreal express is a Canadian soccer club based in Montreal, Quebec.
finalThe final express departed on schedule.
weeklyI eagerly checked the mailbox for the weekly express
nextThe next express to New York departs at 7:30 pm.
courierWe are committed to delivering your package by courier express within 24 hours.
latterThe latter express delivered the goods safely.
downThe down express left right on time.
frenchThe French express train sped through the countryside.
presentThis present express is running late.
ponyThe legendary Pony express was an innovative mail delivery system.
internationalWe provide safe and reliable international express services worldwide.
visualVisual express is a powerful tool for creating and editing images.
scotchWould you like a scotch express?
regularI use regular expression to extract information from text.
siberianThe Siberian express is a long-distance passenger train service in Russia.
formerThe former express editor laid off the entire staff.
lessThe painting was less express than I had hoped.
privateThe private express train arrived on time.
westernI'm taking the western express to California.
europWhen the late afternoon rains came, they took shelter at the old Europ express cafe.
scarceThe scarce express train barely made it to the next stop.
ordinaryThe train was an ordinary express stopping at all the stations.
eastboundThe eastbound express will be arriving at Platform 9.
sweetThe sweet express delivered the cupcakes just in time for the party.
priorPlease obtain our prior express written consent before distributing this material.
northernWe hopped onto the express train, waving goodbye to the northern express
prepaidPlease send me a prepaid express envelope.
doubleThe package was sent double express so that it would arrive on time.
betterI'd better express my gratitude to him.
postalI sent the letter via postal express to ensure it arrived on time.
indianThe Indian express is an Indian English-language daily newspaper.
wiseThe wise express themselves with brevity.
vulgarThe vulgar express their discomfort in graphic language.
dayWe need to send the day express package by tomorrow.
fastestThe fastest express train in the world can travel at speeds of up to 374 mph.
famedI took the famed express train to see the mountains.
throughYou can get to the next town through express train.
swiftThe swift express train arrived at the station on time.
easternThe Eastern express is a luxury train that travels from London to Istanbul.
calledHe called express the day before yesterday.
classThe class express was delayed due to mechanical issues.
longerThe longer express travels up to Brampton.
continentalThe Continental express is a train that runs between Chicago and Los Angeles.
pciThe PCI express slot is designed for graphics cards and other high-performance devices.
eitherEither express your love or your hate, but don't be indifferent

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