Adjectives for Expression

Adjectives For Expression

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing expression, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an expression unlocks a world of nuance, color, and depth. A facial expression conveys emotions non-verbally, while a free expression champions the unbridled voice of the individual. The term artistic expression celebrates creativity and originality, illustrating the depth of human thought and feeling. Meanwhile, an emotional expression dives deep into the heart's unspoken tales, and a full expression ensures nothing is left unsaid. The journey through self-expression, hinted at through these adjectives, reflects the vast landscapes of human experience. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'expression' to discover the precise shade of meaning you wish to convey.
facialHer facial expression betrayed her disappointment.
freeFree expression is a fundamental human right that should be cherished and protected.
artisticEmily's paintings are a testament to her artistic expression
emotionalHer emotional expression conveyed her deep sadness.
fullHer full expression of joy was contagious.
selfArt is a beautiful form of self expression
verbalHer verbal expression was full of confidence.
sexualThe First Amendment protects sexual expression as a form of free speech.
creativeEmma explored her creative expression through painting and writing.
directCertainly, direct expression is a key part of effective communication.
literaryHer literary expression is both poignant and profound.
regularThe regular expression is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern.
highestIntelligence is the highest expression of matter.
simpleHer simple expression revealed her true feelings.
outwardHer outward expression was one of joy.
clearHer clear expression made her intentions understandable.
differentialAnalysis of differential expression across the two conditions revealed notable changes in the expression of several genes.
culturalCultural expression is a way of communicating and sharing ideas, beliefs, and values.
mathematicalI'm working on a mathematical expression
symbolicThe symbolic expression for the given scenario is: 10^6 * (1 - (1 - 0.08)^7)
aboveThe above expression cannot be evaluated.
musicalThe performance exhibited the musician's true musical expression
completeHer complete expression revealed her true feelings towards him.
fullestHis artistic talent found its fullest expression in his paintings.
adequateShe made an adequate expression of her gratitude.
concreteThe artist's concrete expression was a large, abstract sculpture.
perfectHer smile was a perfect expression of joy.
spontaneousHer spontaneous expression of joy surprised everyone.
seriousThe student listened with a serious expression
puzzledHe stared at her with a puzzled expression on his face.
formalThe formal expression of gratitude was well received.
linguisticThe linguistic expression was rich and varied.
strangeHe had a strange expression on his face.
ultimateThe ultimate expression of human creativity is art.
oralClear and concise oral expression is essential for effective public speaking.
appropriateThe professor greeted the students with an appropriate expression
mereThe mere expression of personal opinion is not seditious.
explicitHer explicit expression of gratitude made me feel appreciated.
writtenHer written expression was excellent.
peculiarShe had a peculiar expression on her face.
exact"Exact Expression" is a function in Python that takes an expression and evaluates it as a mathematical expression.
phenotypicThe researcher studied the phenotypic expression of the mutant trait.
overtThe overt expression of their emotions made it difficult to have a rational conversation.
usualShe smiled with her usual expression
sadThe clown had a sad expression on his face as the children laughed hysterically.
vocalThe singer used a wide range of vocal expression to convey the emotions of the song.
characteristicHis characteristic expression was one of utter indifference.
analyticalThe analytical expression for the function is y = 2x + 1.
functionalThe functional expression is a Javascript function that does not have a name.
correctThe correct expression adds up to 5.
visibleHer visible expression of happiness was infectious.
curiousI observed a curious expression flicker across her face.
anxiousHe looked at her with an anxious expression on his face.
clearestThe clearest expression of his intention was his refusal to cooperate.
arithmeticThe arithmetic expression 2 + 2 equals 4.
genuineHer genuine expression of joy was evident in her sparkling eyes.

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