Adjectives for Ext

Adjectives For Ext

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ext, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'ext' can significantly alter the perception of your sentence, adding depth and clarity or imbuing it with emotion and color. From the 'free ext' that conjures images of liberation and boundlessness, to the 'red ext' that evokes a sense of urgency or passion. A 'burnished ext' suggests a refined, polished aspect, while a 'fluid ext' highlights adaptability and grace. Opting for 'random ext' introduces an element of unpredictability, and 'light ext' can either denote weightlessness or illuminate the subject in a metaphorical sense. Each adjective opens a new dimension, enriching your narrative with nuanced subtleties. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'ext' to discover the perfect hue for your textual canvas.
freeMake sure to check for any available free ext for the item.
redHe jumped and waved his red ext
burnishedThe burnished exterior of the car gleamed in the sunlight.
fluidThis fluid ext is used to treat inflammation.
randomI found a random ext on the computer.
lightThe light ext was beautiful.
brownI saw a brown extinct dinosaur.
lowerThe river's lower ext is near the town.
longThis is a long extension of the given text.
externalAn external ext drive can be connected to the computer to increase storage space.
experimentalThe experimental ext is intended to be used in highly specialized research environments.
obliqueThe oblique ext is used to create a bevelled edge on a workpiece.
prepThe prep ext is a great tool for students.
darkIt was dark ext by the time I got home.
deepThe deep ext is where the most valuable gems are found.
dorsalThe dorsal ext is the back of the body.
800-995-0049Please call us by dialing 800-995-0049 ext.
radialisThe radialis ext muscle is a muscle in the hand.
1-800-the-rockPlease call 1-800-the-rock ext.
blackBlack ext is a type of paint that is used to create a matte finish.
courtesyI appreciate your courtesy ext for the help.
solidThe solid ext was a great success.
greyThe grey ext is a very uncommon sight.
rimI parked my car on the rim ext of the sidewalk.
facialAs a cosmetic surgeon, I specialize in facial ext
greenThe green ext spans to the horizon.
516-01Please call us at 516-01 ext.
digitThe digit ext is used to extract the last digit of a number.
medullaryHe seemed to be placing too much confidence in the medullary ext of his friend
originalThe original ext of the file is 'txt'.
netThe net ext was so big that it almost dragged the man with it.
22020-9I'm not sure what 22020-9 ext means
cooperativeThe cooperative ext is a great way to learn about new farming techniques.
occipitalI can't continue because the occipital ext is missing
meanThe mean ext hit me in the face.
5-4200Call 5-4200 ext for further assistance.
reddishThe waves shimmered like a reddish ext
republicI was reading a book about the republic ext in my free time.
extensorThe extensor ext muscles of the forearm extend the wrist and fingers.
47061-8Please contact your care coordinator at 47061-8 ext.
1-800-ask-xeroxPlease call our customer service at 1-800-ask-xerox extension 12345.
crudeThe crude ext was found in a cave near the river.
1-800-562-2926Please call me at 1-800-562-2926 ext.
peronealThe peroneal ext was a long, narrow muscle that ran along the outside of the leg.
hipThe patient performed a hip ext during the exam.
iliacThe iliac ext replaced the anterior abdominal wall.
callIf you have any questions, please call ext 4477.
1-800-535-9649Dial 1-800-535-9649 ext.
212-661Call me back at 212-661 ext.
connectiveThe connective ext is used to extend the meaning of the first sentence.
slowThe car was going at a slow ext
203-325-8193Call us at 203-325-8193 ext
orangeThe orange ext is a type of fruit.
plainThis is a sentence with the plain ext
pinkThe pink ext is a beautiful shade of pink.
grayThe old gray ext was sitting on the porch.
2022Here is a short sentence with "2022 ext". My 2022 was ext-raordinary.
190-99The phone number is 190-99 ext.
yellowThe yellow ext was very bright.
etherPlease pass the ether ext
415-321-2300Call me at 415-321-2300 ext.
coopI am going to the coop ext at the farm.
multipleI have multiple ext hard drives.
brownishThe brownish ext was very pretty.
cervicalI am having cervical ext
polishedHe polished the exterior of the car to the point where the surface became a polished ext
alcoholicAlcoholic ext is a serious problem that affects many people.
inguinalThe compression bandage and inguinal ext are perfect.
liquidI spilled the liquid ext on the floor.

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