Adjectives for Extension

Adjectives For Extension

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing extension, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe an extension can profoundly impact how your message is received. Whether it's a further development, a logical progression, a natural growth, a direct consequence, a full expansion, or an agricultural advancement, each adjective carries its nuances, shaping perception and understanding in subtle yet significant ways. These adjectives not only clarify the context but also enrich the narrative, providing a clearer, more vivid picture of the extension at hand. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the many dimensions of extensions.
furtherThe coach has announced the further extension of the contract.
naturalThe natural extension of the line is half the distance to the plane.
directThe direct extension of time is space.
fullThe gymnast's leg was at full extension as she performed the split.
agriculturalAgricultural extension involves communicating practical information to farmers to improve their farming practices.
simpleThe simple extension provides a convenient way to add functionality to an existing class.
rapidThe rapid extension of the company's reach allowed it to expand its market share significantly.
possibleThe deal has a possible extension of 12 months.
gradualDespite the gradual extension of the pandemic, the government has remained optimistic about its ability to contain the virus.
wideThe wide extension of the meadow allowed the children to play freely.
considerableThe proposed extension would add a considerable extension to the existing facility.
lateralThe lateral extension of the muscle allowed him to reach further than most.
mereThe mere extension of the deadline has not alleviated the stress of the students.
spatialThe spatial extension of the park is vast.
greaterThe project's greater extension will allow for more participants.
indefiniteThe copyright extends for an indefinite extension
yearShe secured a year extension to complete her research.
slightThey accepted his slight extension to the deadline.
activeHe completed the active extension to the Olympic training facility.
southernWe want to explore the southern extension of the bay.
maximumThe project is currently under maximum extension
vastThe vast extension of the desert stretched out before us, an endless expanse of golden sand.
northernThe coastal dune cordons are the northern extension of the South Island's West Coast dunelands.
infiniteIn the face of infinite extension our minds grapple to grasp its unfathomable vastness.
completeThe gymnast performed a complete extension on the balance beam.
intracranialThe presence of intracranial extension is associated with a higher fatality rate.
upwardThe upward extension of the building was completed last month.
westernThe city of Independence is located in the western extension of the metropolitan area.
posteriorThe patient's posterior extension was limited due to pain.
straightforwardThis is the straightforward extension of any project.
downwardThe downward extension of the socioeconomic gradient was observed in acute ischemic stroke patients.
horizontalThe horizontal extension of the table was too large to fit in the room.
obviousIt was an obvious extension of the previous work.
verticalThe vertical extension of the building was a striking feature that caught the eye of passersby.
terminalThe doctor informed the patient that there was a malignant terminal extension of the brain cancer.
greatestThe solar system extends billions of miles in its greatest extension
futureThe future extension will be added to the existing building.
widerThe river's wider extension was evident in its serpentine course.
easternThe eastern extension of the road leads to the city centre.
overThe company's over extension into new markets led to its financial collapse.
interestingThe meeting has an interesting extension that will be discussed.
territorialThe president is worried about a territorial extension in different zones of the country.
monthI requested a month extension for my project deadline.
likeMy fingers are like extensions of my hands.
geographicalThe geographical extension of the country is impressive, spanning over two million square kilometers.
enormousThe enormous extension of the project required additional funding and resources.
flexionThe flexion extension of the arm involves the movement of the elbow joint.
subsequentThe subsequent extension of the deadline was approved by the committee.
progressiveThe progressive extension of the AI model allows for the continuous improvement of its capabilities.
continuousThe construction provided continuous extension onto the adjacent building.
linearThe linear extension of a partial order is a total order which extends the partial order.
suprasellarThe suprasellar extension is not associated with the degree of hypopituitarism.
automaticThe contract includes an automatic extension if certain performance targets are met.
finiteThe Galois group of a finite extension of a field is finite.
distalThe distal extension of the nerve was severely damaged.
eastwardThe company's acquisition of the land represents an eastward extension of its reach.
extremeThe gymnast performed an extreme extension during her floor routine.
anteriorThe patient's anterior extension was limited due to pain.
forwardThe yoga instructor guided the students through a forward extension
jointThe therapist helped the patient with joint extension exercises.
ultimateThe ultimate extension of human longevity is currently unknown.
usefulThe useful extension helped me to add functionality to my browser.
peripheralThe company's peripheral extension was successful.
unlimitedKnowledge is an ocean with an unlimited extension
counterThe counter extension was too long and could not fit in the space allotted.
longitudinalThe longitudinal extension of the lake was approximately 10 kilometers.
dayWe were able to get a day extension on the project.
suddenThe team's sudden extension of the contract surprised everyone.
crustalPlate tectonics primarily drives crustal extension including rifting between plates in divergent plate boundaries.

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