Adjectives for Extensions

Adjectives For Extensions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing extensions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe extensions can significantly affect the perception of the information being conveyed. For instance, referring to an further extension implies an addition beyond what was initially expected, while a possible extension suggests uncertainty about its realization. Describing several extensions indicates more than one, highlighting variety or multiplicity. Meanwhile, various extensions not only points to quantity but also to differences among them. Using adjectives like such or like can draw comparisons or suggest examples, providing a deeper understanding of the extensions in question. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring life to extensions and explore how each creates unique nuances.
furtherThey will not be entitled to any further extensions of time.
suchBerries and fruits can improve health and prevent chronic diseases, such extensions of life are possible due to their vitamins and minerals.
possibleThe system has possible extensions
severalThe company applied for several extensions on the project.
variousThere are various extensions available for this program.
likeThey went to the store to get like extensions for their phones.
futureThe flexibility of the system enables future extensions as market needs change.
cytoplasmicEpithelial cells are joined by cytoplasmic extensions called desmosomes.
recentI'm excited about the recent extensions to the platform.
naturalThese results may provide natural extensions to existing climate prediction models.
logicalThe new logical extensions were highly successful.
simpleThese simple extensions can be added to any noun.
specificThe product can be used with other specific extensions
lateralThe fascia extends laterally through the popliteal fossa and is attached to the lateral extensions of the tibia and fibula.
numerousThere were numerous extensions on the document that helped the reader understand.
laterThe plans included two later extensions for increased capacity.
directThe direct extensions of the system are the switchboard and the radiotelephone.
additionalThere are additional extensions available for download.
subsequentThe company's initial contract with the client, covering the development of a new software platform, has been subject to subsequent extensions
terminalThe budget forecast was revised to include planned terminal extensions to cover connection losses.
successiveA series of successive extensions was required to complete the project on time.
necessaryWe will provide necessary extensions for the project.
significantOur organization has received significant extensions
proprietaryThe product included several proprietary extensions to the standard.
minorThe deadline was extended by a few minor extensions
multipleThere were multiple extensions granted for the project, each with their own unique set of requirements.
usefulThis software has many useful extensions that can be added to customize its functionality.
theoreticalRecent theoretical extensions of the diffusion approximation in fluid dynamics have led to important insights into the behavior of turbulent flows.
straightforwardThe straightforward extensions were easy to understand.
standardWe use standard extensions for all of our products.
linearThe linear extensions of the partial order are constructed by adding additional orders to the existing ones.
verticalThe vertical extensions of the building stretch up to the clouds.
obviousThe obvious extensions to this work will be studied in the near future.
thinThe thin extensions of her hair reached her shoulders.
followingThe following extensions are available for the document.
interestingThe researcher's interesting extensions to the original theory have opened up new avenues of inquiry.
urbanThe city council is considering the construction of urban extensions
frontpageThe frontpage extensions are a great way to customize your homepage.
yearThe company offered all workers two year extensions on their contracts.
appropriateThe team developed appropriate extensions for the software application.
tubularThe tubular extensions of the flower were filled with nectar.
orientedThe complex oriented extensions for the underlying mechanisms require further investigation.
optionalThis is a sentence with optional extensions
spatialThe spatial extensions of the building were designed to maximize natural light and airflow.
multimediaAI can help detect fake news and also generate multimedia extensions for broadcast.
vastThe vast extensions of the desert stretched out before us.
posteriorThe posterior extensions of the vertebral body are known as the pedicles.
downwardThe downward extensions flowed gracefully.
lineOur company is planning to introduce line extensions to our product in the next quarter.
protoplasmicThe protoplasmic extensions of the cell reached out into the surrounding environment.
temporaryThe company was granted temporary extensions to complete the project.
timeWe were forced to ask for time extensions on several projects due to unexpected delays.
horizontalThe horizontal extensions of the building were not to code.
fingerlikeThe intricate fingerlike extensions of the sea cucumber helped it to anchor itself to the ocean floor.
peripheralPeripheral extensions can be used to enhance the functionality of a device.
suggestedI asked the manager for a few suggested extensions
cellularThe neuron had complex cellular extensions
reasonableThe company granted reasonable extensions of time to complete the project.
correspondingThe corresponding extensions are attached to this email.
shapedThe newly discovered species has antennae shaped extensions
upwardWe hired several new employees after our recent period of upward extensions
irregularThe irregular extensions of the lake implied a larger depth.

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