Adjectives for Extent

Adjectives For Extent

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing extent, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'extent' carries profound implications when paired with distinct adjectives, revealing the scope or magnitude of a subject. A 'large extent' suggests a vast area or degree, while a 'great extent' emphasizes more of the importance or intensity. The phrase 'certain extent' conveys a specific, often limited, threshold, contrasting with 'greater' and 'lesser extents' that delineate a comparison of scale or importance. Using 'such extent' can signify an extreme level of the matter at hand, adding a layer of emphasis or surprise. Each adjective, when coupled with 'extent,' fine-tunes the expression's precision, shaping the narrative's direction and depth. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that vividly complement 'extent' and the nuances they introduce.
largeThe fire had spread to a large extent causing major damage to the surrounding area.
greatThe project was completed to a great extent
certainTo a certain extent I agree with your point of view.
greaterThe damage extends to a greater extent than anticipated.
lesserThe lesser extent of the problem was not immediately apparent.
considerableThe company's losses were of considerable extent
sameThe students all excelled to the same extent
limitedThe university's facilities are of limited extent
fullThe full extent of the damage was not immediately known.
smallThe damage was only to a small extent
fullestThe company will use its resources to the fullest extent possible.
wholeShe had no idea of the whole extent of his crime.
vastThe vast extent of the desert made it difficult to navigate.
greatestThe river had reached its greatest extent during the rainy season.
significantThe results of the study indicate that there was a significant extent to which the participants improved their performance.
lessThe pandemic has impacted tourism to a less extent than the hospitality sector.
slightThe drought had a slight extent on the local agriculture.
appreciableThe forest had been damaged to an appreciable extent by the fire.
maximumThe maximum extent of the air quality monitoring network was achieved in 2015.
wideThe fire spread across the wide extent of the forest.
possibleThe findings are most likely the result of the study's limitations and not representative to the possible extent
largerThe damage to his car was of a larger extent than he had anticipated.
smallerThe smaller extent of the damage was a relief to the homeowner.
utmostI was exhausted to the utmost extent
spatialThe spatial extent of the fire is approximately 100 acres.
enormousThe park was of an enormous extent with winding paths that led to secluded nooks and hidden groves.
equalThe teams competed with equal extent
immenseThe immense extent of the forest was humbling.
remarkableThe funds contributed by the donors were of remarkable extent
exactThe exact extent of the damage is still unknown.
sufficientHer charitable donations were of sufficient extent to qualify for a tax deduction.
alarmingClimate change is happening at an alarming extent with obvious consequences for our planet.
minorTo a minor extent the criticism was valid.
markedThis marked extent of your ability surpasses previous samples.
infiniteThe universe has an infinite extent in space and time.
geographicalThe geographical extent of the study area is approximately 100 square kilometers.
preciseWe determine the precise extent of the eruption from the sediment record.
moderateThe damage to the car was of moderate extent
verticalThe vertical extent of the building is impressive.
territorialLack of knowledge about the territorial extent of the outbreak may hinder the ability to effectively implement control measures.
variableCertain types of ion channels show a variable extent of voltage- and time-dependent inactivation.
unlimitedThe company's success is of unlimited extent
indefiniteWhen I was a child, I used to eat cake to an indefinite extent
lateralThe lateral extent of the lesion was 2 cm.
surprisingThe ice cream was soft to a surprising extent
arealThe areal extent of the forest is about 100 square kilometers.
horizontalThe horizontal extent of the building is 100 meters.
widestThe widest extent of the Roman Empire was under the reign of Trajan.
unusualThe storm possessed an unusual extent stretching far beyond the forecasted boundaries.
unprecedentedThe global pandemic has caused an unprecedented extent of economic disruption.
geographicThe geographic extent of the research is limited to the United States.
widerThe study's results have wider extent than originally thought.
finiteThe universe has a finite extent in space and time.
superficialThe superficial extent of the skin defect was demarcated.
amazingThe new technology was adopted to an amazing extent
probableThe probable extent of the delay is unknown.
boundlessThe boundless extent of the universe is a mystery that captivates scientists and philosophers alike.
incredibleThe storm wreaked havoc across the city to an incredible extent
fearfulThe fearful extent of the damage was not immediately known.
inconsiderableThe power of the storm was of inconsiderable extent
prodigiousThe storm raged with a prodigious extent uprooting trees and flooding streets.
astonishingEven small actions can have an astonishing extent

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