Adjectives for Exterior

Adjectives For Exterior

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exterior, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the various adjectives used to describe an 'exterior' can significantly alter the perception of a subject. A 'rough' exterior might convey a sense of ruggedness or lack of refinement, while a 'smooth' exterior suggests a polished, refined appearance. Words like 'calm' and 'cold' provide an emotional context, adding a layer of interpretation to the physical description. Whether describing the 'whole' exterior in a broad stroke or focusing on its 'tough' aspects, the choice of adjective shapes the narrative, influencing how the subject is perceived and understood. Discover the full range of adjectives that bring the exteriors to life and the intriguing nuances each one adds below.
roughBeneath his rough exterior lurked a heart of gold.
calmHis calm exterior hid the turmoil within him.
wholeThe whole exterior was painted a bright white.
coldShe had a cold exterior but a warm heart.
toughHe had a tough exterior but a warm heart.
smoothThe smooth exterior of the car reflected the sun's rays.
hardBeneath her hard exterior she was a kind and caring person.
plainThe house had a plain exterior with a white picket fence.
coolShe had a cool exterior but a warm heart.
entireThe entire exterior of the building was painted a light blue.
gruffThe old man with a gruff exterior had a heart of gold.
whiteThe house with the white exterior looked strikingly beautiful against the backdrop of the blue sky.
brownThe old building had a brown exterior
attractiveThe house had an attractive exterior
simpleThe house had a simple exterior with white walls and a red door.
polishedThe car had a polished exterior that gleamed in the sunlight.
handsomeThe handsome exterior of the mansion belied the sinister secrets within.
fairBeneath her fair exterior lurked a cunning and manipulative mind.
quietShe had a quiet exterior but her mind was racing.
redThe barn was painted with a red exterior
pleasingThe house had a pleasing exterior that was painted in a cheerful shade of yellow.
beautifulThe house had a beautiful exterior decorated with intricate carvings.
ruggedThe rugged exterior of the castle hinted at its long and tumultuous history.
blackThe car had a sleek black exterior
sternThe building's stern exterior belied the warmth and comfort within.
burnishedThe old car had a burnished exterior from years of sun exposure.
rimThe rim exterior was coated in a layer of dust and grime.
darkThe house had a dark exterior casting an ominous shadow over the neighborhood.
likeThe house had like exterior light fixtures.
softThe cat's soft exterior was deceptive, hiding a playful and energetic spirit within.
unprepossessingThe house's unprepossessing exterior belied the grandeur of its interior.
rudeThe employee with the rude exterior was actually quite kind.
modestThe cottage had a modest exterior that belied its luxurious interior.
fineThe fine exterior of the building immediately struck me as I walked past.
blandThe house had a bland exterior giving no hint of the vibrant interior.
cheerfulThe old house maintained a cheerful exterior despite its dilapidated interior.
unpromisingThe unpromising exterior hid a beautiful interior.
brilliantThe car's brilliant exterior gleamed in the sunlight.
pleasantI was deceived by his pleasant exterior
elegantThe elegant exterior of the building contrasted with its surprisingly modern interior.
harshShe had a harsh exterior but a kind heart.
impassiveHer impassive exterior hid a torrent of emotions boiling beneath the surface.
coarseThough the old scarecrow had a coarse exterior his heart was pure gold.
greyThe old house had a grey exterior and a white picket fence.
austereThe monastery's austere exterior belied the opulent interior.
grayThe house had a gray exterior
graveThe house's grave exterior hinted at the somber history within its walls.
agreeableThe agreeable exterior of the host put the guests at ease.
brightThe house has a bright exterior
humbleDespite its humble exterior the small cottage had a warm and inviting atmosphere.
gothicThe gothic exterior of the cathedral was imposing and awe-inspiring.
charmingThe cottage boasts a charming exterior with white picket fence and blooming flowerbeds.
unattractiveThe house had an unattractive exterior with peeling paint and overgrown shrubs.
crustyThe bread had a thick, crusty exterior
stuccoThe stucco exterior of the house was a beautiful shade of cream.
respectableShe lived in a house with a respectable exterior but a sordid inside.
dullThe house had a dull exterior belying the vibrant life within.
gayThe colorful garden has a gay exterior
severeThe abandoned building had a severe exterior with broken windows and crumbling walls.
impressiveThe castle's impressive exterior hinted at the grandeur within.
uncouthDespite his uncouth exterior he had a kind and gentle heart.
gentleBeneath her gentle exterior lay a heart of steel.
dignifiedThe building presented a dignified exterior its stone facade unblemished by graffiti.
mildThe building had a mild exterior with cream-colored walls and large windows.
icyThe icy exterior of the glacier glistened under the sunlight.
decentHer modest home was in the suburbs and had a decent exterior
concreteThe concrete exterior of the building was a testament to its durability.
shabbyThe old house, with its shabby exterior had seen better days.
visibleThe visible exterior of the building was in poor condition.
grimThe old house had a grim exterior but the interior was surprisingly warm and inviting.
solidThe house had a solid exterior made of brick.
uglyThe building was unappealing with an ugly exterior and few redeeming features.
unassumingThe old cottage had an unassuming exterior
nobleHer noble exterior belied a heart of darkness.
yellowThe school bus had a bright yellow exterior
repulsiveThe repulsive exterior of the building was enough to keep people away
splendidThe mansion boasted a splendid exterior clad in white marble and intricate carvings.
gracefulHer graceful exterior contradicted by her cynical nature, betrayed her years of cultivated refinement.
sereneHer serene exterior hid the turmoil within.
controlledThe controlled exterior was necessary to ensure the safety of the experiment.
unruffledDespite the chaos surrounding him, he maintained an unruffled exterior
woodenThe house had a charming wooden exterior

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