Adjectives for Extraction

Adjectives For Extraction

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing extraction, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'extraction' exposes a rich tapestry of meanings and applications, from the technical to the geographical. Descriptions like 'solvent' and 'liquid' may hint at specific techniques in chemistry or biology, emphasizing the methodological aspects. Meanwhile, adjectives such as 'German', 'French', 'foreign', and 'Irish' cast a spotlight on the origins or the locales associated with the extraction, whether it’s about mineral resources, cultural practices, or scientific achievements. These nuances reveal the multifaceted nature of extraction, showing how each adjective colors our understanding of the process or the product. Dive deeper into this intriguing interplay of language with our full list of adjectives linked to 'extraction'.
solventSolvent extraction is a separation process used to separate compounds based on their different solubilities in two immiscible solvents.
liquidLiquid extraction is a separation technique that uses a solvent to separate compounds based on their solubility in the solvent.
germanThe immigrants of German extraction settled in the Midwest.
frenchShe loved the french extraction coffee beans
foreignHer family was of foreign extraction
irishShe had a distant cousin of Irish extraction who lived in Boston.
extracapsularThe extracapsular extraction was performed using a microscope.
dentalThe dental extraction was successful and the patient is recovering well.
supercriticalSupercritical extraction is a process that uses supercritical fluids as the extracting solvent.
intracapsularAll three cases of vitreous loss were associated with intracapsular extraction
europeanMy family is of European extraction
englishThis question is regarding english extraction
selectiveSelective extraction is a technique used for extracting a specific subset of data from a larger dataset.
directThe direct extraction method is used to obtain the juice from fruits and vegetables.
hepaticHepatic extraction characterizes the liver's ability to remove drugs from the blood.
italianSophia Loren, an actress of Italian extraction is known for her beauty and her many film roles.
continuousContinuous extraction methods are widely used in the chemical industry to separate mixtures into their individual components.
totalThe procedure involved total extraction of the tumour.
efficientThe new process allows for more efficient extraction of the valuable resource.
subsequentThe subsequent extraction of the teeth was performed without complication.
dutchMy neighbor is of Dutch extraction
automaticThe automatic extraction process retrieved the necessary data.
nobleThough possessed of noble extraction he was for a period of time a stable-boy.
spanishThe family has Spanish extraction
rapidThe rapid extraction of a tooth is often necessary to prevent further infection or damage.
initialSally had hoped the initial extraction of gold would have been quicker.
polishMy friend is of polish extraction
serialThe serial extraction of resources from the planet is unsustainable.
linearThe students practiced linear extraction for their math class.
hotI use a hot extraction method to remove impurities from my oil.
commercialSome countries prohibit commercial extraction of some marine species.
alkalineThe alkaline extraction method was used to obtain the desired compound.
fractionalHe alluded to fractional extraction of the crypto-currency using specialized computing hardware.
sequentialSequential extraction can sequentially extract target elements, one by one.
indianHer mother was of Indian extraction
scottishHe was a man of Scottish extraction who had come to England in search of work.
manualThe manual extraction of data can be a time-consuming and error-prone process.
scotchThe man with scotch extraction didn't have any idea he had a drinking problem.
successfulThe successful extraction of the data led to groundbreaking discoveries.
welshHe is of Welsh extraction
organicOrganic extraction is a process of separating compounds from a mixture by using a solvent to dissolve the compounds of interest.
greekThe recipe calls for Greek extraction of the olives before using them.
meanThe mean extraction of the plant is done by boiling it.
acidAcid extraction is a method used to separate acidic compounds from a mixture.
preliminaryThe preliminary extraction was completed in the morning.
maximumThe maximum extraction of the sentence was not accomplished.
chineseHe is of Chinese extraction
scaleScale extraction is a process of removing scale from surfaces.
myocardialIschemia can be defined as a decrease in myocardial extraction without prior increase in extraction.
partialThe homeowners had wind damage and had a partial extraction of the roof.
rawThe raw extraction was conducted in order to measure the purity of the material.
simultaneousThis innovative technique allows for simultaneous extraction of multiple analytes from various complex matrices.
immediateThe doctor ordered the immediate extraction of the patient's wisdom teeth.
surgicalThe surgical extraction of the bullet was successful.
mexicanShe comes from mexican extraction
northernThe newly elected senator was of northern extraction
backThe back extraction process involves separating the desired components from a complex mixture.
mechanicalMechanical extraction is a method of extracting oil from oilseeds.
portugueseMy family is of Portuguese extraction
automatedThe automated extraction process is highly efficient in extracting relevant data.
percutaneousThe percutaneous extraction of the foreign body was performed under local anesthesia.
renalRenal extraction is the process by which a substance is removed from the blood by the kidneys.
humbleThe young man, who was of humble extraction worked his way up to become the head of the company.
fatThe fat extraction process uses a centrifuge to separate the fat from the other components of the milk.
basedThe based extraction process involves separating the target compound from a solid matrix.
conventionalConventional extraction techniques rely heavily on chemicals that can be environmentally harmful.
passThe company recently announced the pass extraction of an offshore oil well.
surplusThe surplus extraction by the multinational corporation left the local population in poverty.

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