Adjectives for Extras

Adjectives For Extras

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing extras, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe extras can significantly alter the perception of value or necessity. For instance, few extras suggest a minimalist approach, perhaps hinting at efficiency or cost-saving. In contrast, many extras could imply luxury or enhanced functionality, making something more appealing to those who seek added value. Optional extras offer a sense of customization and choice, while little extras might be seen as thoughtful, yet not overwhelming additions. Every adjective brings its own nuance, painting extras in a light that can sway decision-making or set expectations. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives and the unique contexts they bring to extras below.
fewI'll take the burger with few extras
otherWe offer other extras like free Wi-Fi, a continental breakfast, and a fitness center.
littleI appreciate the little extras that make my life easier.
optionalYou can add optional extras to your order if you wish.
manyThe show was a huge success with many extras
suchThe hotel offers such extras as a swimming pool and a fitness center.
severalThe production involved twenty-two actors, plus several extras
moreThis movie has more extras than a Las Vegas show.
onlyThe only extras were the fries and the onion rings.
variousThe hotel provided various extras such as free Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast.
certainJennifer asked her husband to add certain extras to the sandwich, like cucumber, onions and sprouts.
specialHere are special extras for you!
expensiveThe car came with expensive extras like leather seats and a sunroof.
niceWe were happy with the nice extras at our hotel.
numerousThe contractor was impressed by the numerous extras included in the package.
necessaryWe bought all the necessary extras for the camping trip.
unnecessaryI think the car is fine without all the unnecessary extras
usualHe ordered a pizza with his usual extras like pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions.
additionalThe show includes additional extras such as backstage footage and interviews.
mereIn the grand scheme of things, they were mere extras living out their insignificant roles.
freeThe hotel offered free extras like breakfast and Wi-Fi.
usefulThe car came with some useful extras such as a sunroof and heated seats.
enoughThere were enough extras available to cover all the roles in the film.
costumedThe movie hired costumed extras to fill out the crowd scenes.
followingThe following extras are included with the premium package.
unexpectedThe unexpected extras made the trip even more memorable.
frequentThe caterer provides frequent extras such as complimentary beverages and hors d'oeuvres.
occasionalShe enrolled in a weekly yoga class, even with the occasional extras
thoughtfulI really appreciated the thoughtful extras that made our stay so special.
professionalThe production company hired professional extras to fill out the crowd scenes.
femaleThe casting director was looking for female extras to play the role of partygoers.
psychicWe are psychic extras who can help you find your lost items.
costlyWe itemized the cost of the project and added some costly extras
fewerThe show had fewer extras this season.
calledThe director called extras to the set for the big scene.
chineseHe hired some chinese extras to feature in the movie.
essentialCooking requires essential extras like salt and pepper.
desirableThe car came with some desirable extras like a sunroof and leather seats.
interestingEven the most mundane items can have interesting extras hidden within their depths.
unpaidThe unpaid extras worked tirelessly on the film.
displayThe actor put on display extras for the movie premiere.
availableThe available extras include a sunroof, leather seats, and a navigation system.
italianI ordered a pizza with Italian extras
maleThe director hired ten male extras to fill out the crowd scenes.
luxuriousThey upgraded the economy car with luxurious extras
latestThe app includes all the latest extras you'd expect.
addedThis sentence has some added extras
unwantedThe movie was good, but there were some unwanted extras
wonderfulI am very happy with the wonderful extras that came with my purchase.
compulsoryThe tour operator informed us about the hotel's compulsory extras after we had already booked.
uselessThe useless extras on the car made it too expensive.
unforeseenThe project manager was surprised by the unforeseen extras that cropped up at the end.
extravagantThe movie was full of extravagant extras from the lavish costumes to the extravagant sets.
attractiveGift-wrapping and free shipping are attractive extras that are a bonus to the already amazing deal.
pleasantThe hotel's pleasant extras included a fitness center and a rooftop pool.
decorativeThe plain box was transformed by decorative extras into an attractive gift.
silentThere are two silent extras in the movie
voluntaryI appreciate the voluntary extras that go the distance.
inevitableAny project will have its inevitable extras
welcomeI ordered breakfast and it came with many welcome extras
ornamentalThe Porsche has many customizable ornamental extras
miscellaneousI have a box of miscellaneous extras in the garage.
coolThe package includes some cool extras like a bonus CD and a free T-shirt.
exoticThe travelers enjoyed all the exotic extras in the party bag.
unionThe union extras were impressive at the rally.

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