Adjectives for Eye

Adjectives For Eye

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing eye, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'eye' can significantly change its meaning depending on the adjective it is paired with. For example, 'naked eye' brings to mind the limitations and capabilities of human vision without the aid of tools, while 'right eye' or 'left eye' emphasizes the specificity of each eye's function or perspective. 'Human eye' highlights the uniqueness of human vision compared to other species. In contrast, 'public eye' refers to the scrutiny or attention from the general public, and 'evil eye' invokes ancient beliefs in malevolent glances that can bring harm. Each adjective not only modifies 'eye' but opens a window into the diverse aspects of perception, visibility, and social beliefs. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'eye' for a deeper understanding of their nuanced meanings.
rightShe closed her right eye and tried to focus on the target.
leftShe is winking her left eye
humanThe human eye can see about 10 million colors.
publicThe celebrity's personal life was constantly in the public eye
evilThe evil eye was thought to cause illness or misfortune.
watchfulShe kept a watchful eye on her sleeping child.
keenThe detective's keen eye spotted the tiny fingerprint on the glass.
blindThe administration turned a blind eye to the rampant corruption.
blackThe boxer had a black eye from the match.
sharpThe eagle has a sharp eye
criticalThe curator examined the painting with a critical eye
quickShe had a quick eye for spotting mistakes.
unaidedI can see the star with the unaided eye on a clear night.
redThe red eye flight made me feel groggy the next day.
singleShe surveyed the scene with a single eye
thirdShe was always intuitive, with an almost third eye like ability to sense things.
normalThe doctor checked my normal eye
blueHer deep blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight.
brightThe bright eye of the tiger sparkled in the sunlight.
darkShe had a dark eye she wouldn't explain.
dryI'm experiencing discomfort due to dry eye
innerWith his inner eye he could see beyond the physical realm.
affectedDr. Kelly examined the patient's affected eye
eagleThe eagle eye spotted an ant from a mile away.
waryThe old man watched them with a wary eye
clearShe looked at him with a clear eye
trainedThe trained eye could spot the counterfeit painting from a mile away.
coldHe looked at her with cold eyes.
mineMine eye hath seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.
openShe watched him with open eye
vigilantThe security guard kept a vigilant eye on the crowd.
experiencedThe painting was assessed by an experienced eye
jealousShe looked on with a jealous eye
jaundicedThe boss looked at the new employee with a jaundiced eye suspecting that he was not up to the job.
untrainedAn untrained eye would have missed the tiny crack in the vase.
discerningWith a discerning eye she selected the finest porcelain from the collection.
practisedThe practised eye of the expert recognized the subtle flaw in the painting.
mortalShe moved with speed only visible to mortal eyes.
seeingThe seeing eye dog guided its owner safely through the busy street.
carefulThe careful eye of the security guard scanned the crowd.
observantThe detective with an observant eye spotted the tiny detail that cracked the case.
fellowFellow eye was a messenger of Zeus.
inwardAs I looked into the mirror, I saw her reflection with my inward eye
steadyHe stared at her with a steady eye
anxiousHe watched the scene unfold with an anxious eye
practicedThe surgeon's practiced eye could easily identify the problem.
rovingHe was known throughout the village for his roving eye
artificialThe patient's vision was partially restored with an artificial eye
shutI need to get some shut eye before my big test tomorrow.
oppositeShe blinked her opposite eye involuntarily.
curiousThe curious eye of the cat watched the bird flying outside.
myopicThe patient's myopic eye required a corrective lens.
injuredThe boy was taken to the hospital with an injured eye
yellowA bright yellow eye peered out of the darkness.
dominantThe dominant eye is the eye that is more accurate in judging distances and depths.
friendlyShe looked at him with a friendly eye
emmetropicAn emmetropic eye is one that is able to focus light perfectly on the retina without the need for corrective lenses.
brownThe woman with brown eyes smiled at me.
contralateralI have to check the vision of the contralateral eye
shrewdThe seasoned businessman examined the project with a shrewd eye meticulously assessing its potential and risks.
grayThe gray eye of the cat was fixed on me.
soundThe elder had a sound eye for recognizing talent.
goldenThe detective with the golden eye solved the mystery.
amblyopicHe has been diagnosed with amblyopic eye due to lack of visual stimulation.
pinkThe baby has pink eye from rubbing his eyes with dirty hands.
sternThe teacher looked at the misbehaving student with a stern eye
casualShe greeted them with a casual eye
greyThe mysterious grey eye stares at the blank wall.

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