Adjectives for Fabric

Adjectives For Fabric

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fabric, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjectives to describe fabric can significantly enhance the imagery and appeal of your text. Whether you're emphasizing the social dynamics of fabric in culture, the whole spectrum of its uses, or the very essence that makes a piece of fabric stand out, each adjective brings a unique shade to its description. Talking about the entire range of fabrics can showcase its versatility, while lauding its fine quality reflects on the craftsmanship. Moreover, describing the urban influence on fabric styles can appeal to modern aesthetics. These nuances are crucial in crafting compelling narratives around fabrics. Dive into the full assortment of adjectives tailored for 'fabric' to discover the perfect expression for your needs.
socialThe social fabric of the community was torn apart by the recent violence.
wholeThe whole fabric of our lives has been torn apart in recent years.
entireThe entire fabric of the universe is a vibrating symphony of energy and matter.
fineThe tailor used fine fabric to create a bespoke suit.
urbanThe urban fabric of the city was a complex tapestry of buildings, streets, and parks.
coarseThe coarse fabric was scratchy on his skin.
whiteThe bridesmaids wore floor-length white fabric dresses.
softThe soft fabric was gentle against her skin.
thinThe thin fabric of the dress flowed gracefully in the wind.
redThe red fabric lay crumpled on the floor.
greyShe wore a pretty grey fabric dress.
moralThe community's moral fabric was torn apart by the recent scandal.
heavyThe heavy fabric of the curtain blocked out the sunlight.
baselessThe rumors were as durable as a baseless fabric
culturalThe cultural fabric of the city is a rich tapestry of different traditions and beliefs.
blackShe draped the black fabric over the table.
lightHe wore a light fabric shirt.
originalThe original fabric was a fine silk with a delicate pattern.
delicateShe handled the delicate fabric with utmost care.
brownThe upholstery was made of a rich brown fabric
richThe rich fabric of her dress shimmered in the sunlight.
darkShe hung the dark fabric over the light fixture to dim the room.
hardMy jeans are made of a hard fabric
plainShe wore a simple dress made of plain fabric
blueThe dress is made of soft blue fabric
complexThe complex fabric of the dress was a sight to behold.
vastThe vast fabric of the universe held an intricate web of celestial bodies.
excessThe dress had excess fabric around the waist, making it look frumpy.
wovenShe wore a dress of beautifully woven fabric
beautifulThe designer draped the beautiful fabric over the mannequin.
yellowI put on a dress made of yellow fabric
sandyThe sandy fabric scratched her skin.
lightweightThe lightweight fabric was perfect for the hot summer day.
coloredThe seamstress searched through her bin of colored fabric for the perfect shade.
coatedThe coated fabric was water-resistant and durable.
ancientShe has ancient fabric from her grandmother.
thickThe large tree had thick fabric covering it.
finishedThe finished fabric was soft and luxurious to the touch.
syntheticMy new t-shirt is made of synthetic fabric
solidThe cushions were made of a solid fabric that was not easily torn.
mightyThe mighty fabric of the sails propelled the ship into the vast ocean.
greenThe dress was made of a beautiful green fabric
printedThe printed fabric was beautiful and perfect for the dress.
reddishThe reddish fabric was draped over the chair.
knitThe knit fabric was soft and comfortable to wear.
stripedThe sofa was upholstered with a striped fabric
roughThe rough fabric scratched her skin.
weaveThe weaver had the ability to weave fabric with intricate patterns.
outerThe outer fabric of the jacket is waterproof.
knittedThe soft, knitted fabric caressed her skin like a gentle breeze.
dyedI love the vibrant colors of the dyed fabric
historicThis historic fabric tells a story of artistry and craftsmanship.
institutionalThe institutional fabric of the banking industry has been undergoing significant transformation.
denseThe dense fabric withstood the strong winds.
pinkI bought some pink fabric for my new curtains.
extraThe dress had extra fabric that needed to be tailored.
stupendousMy mother stitched a stupendous fabric for my new dress.
patternedThe sofa had a beautiful patterned fabric that matched the curtains.
musicalThe musical fabric of the song was woven together seamlessly, creating a rich and captivating tapestry of sound
rubberizedThe rubberized fabric protected the worker from the elements.
durableThe durable fabric can withstand wear and tear.
firedThe fired fabric was smooth and shiny.
colouredThe coloured fabric was a beautiful shade of blue.
weldedThe welded fabric was used to create a durable frame.
paleThe sunlight illuminated the room through the pale fabric curtains.
silkyShe wore a flowing gown made of silky fabric that shimmered in the moonlight.
wetThe wet fabric hung on the line, dripping with moisture.
worstedThe worsted fabric was perfect for making a suit.

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