Adjectives for Fabrics

Adjectives For Fabrics

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fabrics, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe fabrics can subtly alter the nuance of your narrative, offering a deeper insight into the material's texture, quality, and usability. Words like synthetic and delicate might evoke discussions about sustainability and care, while fine and various could hint at luxury and diversity. Each term sheds light on different aspects, from tactile sensations to environmental concerns. Comprehending these nuances allows readers to fully grasp the unique characteristics and applications of fabrics. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with fabrics to enhance your descriptions and conversations.
otherThe item was made with cotton and other fabrics to improve durability.
syntheticThe synthetic fabrics were comfortable and breathable.
fineThe store specializes in fine fabrics from around the world.
differentThe designer had to buy different fabrics for each of her outfits.
variousVarious fabrics are used to create clothing, bedding, and other items.
delicateHandle delicate fabrics with the utmost care to prevent any damage.
richThe room was elegantly decorated with rich fabrics
coatedThe coated fabrics were resistant to moisture and abrasion.
coarseThe coarse fabrics rubbed against her skin.
heavyThe heavy fabrics fell in soft folds.
naturalThese clothes are made from natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.
wovenWe buy woven fabrics both in large quantities and small runs.
printedI love the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of these printed fabrics
mixedThe dress was made of mixed fabrics including cotton, silk, and lace.
finerShe wore finer fabrics on special occasions.
lightweightBreathable and lightweight fabrics allow for air to circulate within the clothing, keeping you cool and comfortable.
expensiveThe designer showcased her latest collection using expensive fabrics
madeThe soft toys were made fabrics from various materials.
plainShe preferred plain fabrics with simple patterns.
finestThe royal family wore garments made of the finest fabrics
lightThe summer dresses were made of light fabrics that fluttered in the breeze.
sheerSheer fabrics billowed in the gentle breeze, creating an ethereal ambiance.
costlyThe designer used costly fabrics to create the luxurious gown.
worstedWorsted fabrics are characterized by their smooth, even surface.
indianIndian fabrics include silk, cotton, and wool, and are often decorated with intricate embroidery or prints.
heavierI prefer heavier fabrics for winter clothing.
darkThe room was filled with dark fabrics and heavy furniture.
colouredThe vibrant array of coloured fabrics brought life to the otherwise dull room.
decorativeThe living room was adorned with beautiful and decorative fabrics
luxuriousShe was draped in luxurious fabrics shimmering in the moonlight.
knitThe dress was made from soft, flowing knit fabrics
industrialStephanie was happy to get new industrial fabrics for her upcoming sewing projects.
narrowThe narrow fabrics were used to create intricate designs on the garment.
silkenThe princess was draped in luxurious silken fabrics shimmering like a thousand stars.
cheapThe cheap fabrics were not very durable.
knittedThe baby swaddled in knitted fabrics fell asleep peacefully.
patternedThe living room was filled with patterned fabrics and luxurious furniture.
washableI prefer washable fabrics because they are easier to care for.
brightI was immediately drawn to the bright fabrics and intricate patterns.
colorfulThe room was filled with colorful fabrics
lighterThey used lighter fabrics for the summer collection.
finishedHer finished fabrics will be on display at the gallery in the fall.
thinThe thin fabrics billowed in the wind.
artificialThe artificial fabrics were a welcome addition to the wardrobe.
coarserCoarser fabrics are often used for industrial purposes.
domesticWe use only the best domestic fabrics in our clothing line.
resistantThe new upholstery is made from resistant fabrics that can withstand heavy use.
preciousHer closet held precious fabrics from silks to velvets.
durableThese durable fabrics are designed to withstand heavy use and last for years.
qualityThe dress is made from quality fabrics
stripedSarah wore striped fabrics with styles.
texturedShe likes the feel of textured fabrics against her skin.
exquisiteThe fashion show featured models clad in exquisite fabrics
floralThere were floral fabrics in the store.
orientalHer room was filled with oriental fabrics and antique furniture.
waterproofIt's necessary to use waterproof fabrics to make tents, jackets, and other outdoor gear.
embroideredThe woman's dress was made of the finest embroidered fabrics
thickThe thick fabrics created a heavy texture that brought warmth to the room.
handloomShe loves handloom fabrics for their intricate designs and rich colors.
sumptuousThe sumptuous fabrics draped over the furniture added a luxurious touch to the room.
flammableFlammable fabrics like nylon can lead to fire hazards in hospitals.
roughThe rough fabrics scratched at his skin, causing him to wince in discomfort.
elegantHe wore a waistcoat and trousers made of the most elegant fabrics

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