Adjectives for Face

Adjectives For Face

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing face, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a face can significantly alter the meaning conveyed in your writing. Whether portraying a character's pale visage to suggest frailty or fear, a white face to imply shock or disbelief, or a handsome face to convey attractiveness, each adjective provides unique nuances that enrich your narrative. Describing a beautiful face can evoke a sense of admiration or envy, while a whole face may emphasize health and completeness. The diversity of the human experience is mirrored in the variety of adjectives used to describe our faces. For a deeper understanding of how different adjectives color your storytelling, explore the full list of adjectives especially curated to bring your descriptions to life.
paleI saw a young woman on the train; she had a haunting pale face and jet black hair.
humanThe human face is a complex and fascinating thing.
handsomeShe was struck by his handsome face
wholeHe had a whole face covered in tattoos.
beautifulWith her beautiful face she was a striking figure.
longThe boy had a long face after losing his favorite toy.
roundThe woman with the round face smiled pleasantly.
darkThe man with a dark face looked at me with suspicion.
thinThe thin face of the woman was pale and drawn.
sweetThe baby's sweet face brought a smile to the nurse's face.
familiarI saw a familiar face at the store today.
broadThe man had a broad face with a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones.
lovelyShe has a lovely face
straightHe kept a straight face as he told the joke.
fairThe fair face of the building contrasted with the dilapidated surroundings.
fullShe applied makeup to her full face
wrinkledThe old woman's wrinkled face held a lifetime of stories.
brightShe greeted me with a bright face
brownThe model's brown face was a stark contrast to the white background.
smoothHer smooth face hinted at her youthful beauty.
inner"The inner face of the biceps is covered by fascia and some adipose tissue."
ovalShe has a delicate oval face with fine features.
frontShe stood before the painting, admiring its front face
openShe ordered an open face sandwich for lunch.
outerThe outer face of the cube was painted blue.
seriousHe looked at me with a serious face
happyLook at his happy face
flatHer Persian cat,Fluffy had a very flat face
pleasantShe had a pleasant face that lit up the room with her smile.
narrowThe toy train chugged merrily along the narrow face of the table.
leanI noticed her lean face and unruly hair.
upturnedThe child looked up at the clouds with an upturned face
wryShe made a wry face as she tasted the sour milk.
likeHe looked at the camera like face
haggardHis haggard face showed the strain of the journey.
northThe North face is a popular brand of outdoor gear.
ruddyThe construction worker's ruddy face showed the effects of years of sun exposure.
boldBold face** sentence**
calmShe looked at me with a calm face as if she wasn't worried about anything.
friendlyThe friendly face greeted her at the door.
deadThe corpse lay on the table with a dead face
sternHe fixed the child with a stern face and said, "That is a very bad word to use."
freckledHer freckled face radiated a youthful glow, hinting at summers spent outdoors.
beardedWith his weathered hands, the old man stroked his bearded face
sallowThe man's sallow face hinted at years of poor health.
pallidShe had a pallid face like she had seen a ghost.
yellowThe clown put on yellow face to entertain the children.
fatThe cat sat on a fat face
anxiousThe anxious face of the young man showed his fear of the unknown.
gentleHer gentle face was illuminated by the soft light of the setting sun.
southThe south face of the mountain was bathed in sunlight.
eastThe east face of the mountain was steep and treacherous.
cheerfulHe greeted me with a cheerful face and a warm smile.
eagerThe little kid with the eager face looked up at his father with pride.
verticalHe had a vertical face which made him look taller than he actually was.
tannedThe tanned face of the farmer was a testament to his years of hard work.
angryThe angry face stared at me from the other side of the room.
expressiveThe actor's expressive face conveyed a range of emotions.
expressionlessShe entered the room with an expressionless face
braveThough he was scared, he put on a brave face
pinkThe baby had a pink face after a nap.
tiredShe looked at her tired face in the mirror.
westShe pressed her west face against the cold window pane.

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