Adjectives for Faces

Adjectives For Faces

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing faces, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of descriptive writing, adjectives play a pivotal role, particularly when they're paired with the noun 'faces.' Each adjective, whether it's 'many,' 'new,' 'familiar,' 'pale,' or 'white,' carries its own set of implications, painting a vivid image of human diversity and emotion. A 'pale' face might hint at fear or illness, while a 'familiar' one brings comfort and warmth. The adjective 'white' can describe both the innocence and the inherent human diversity, echoing social and cultural narratives. Such nuances invite readers into a richer, more detailed world, enhancing the narrative's depth. Dive into the fascinating array of adjectives that bring 'faces' to life, revealing the elaborate tapestry of human existence.
manyThere are many faces in the crowd.
newI saw some new faces at the party last night.
familiarThe familiar faces greeted him at the door.
paleThe pale faces of the ghosts were eerie in the moonlight.
whiteThe clown had white faces painted on.
blackI saw a group of people with black faces at the protest.
happyEveryone gathered around, wearing happy faces
strangeWe saw many strange faces at the party.
darkThe dark faces of the men made me feel uneasy.
crystalThe crystal faces sparkled in the sunlight.
oppositeThe painting has portraits on opposite faces
upturnedChildren with upturned faces watched the hot air balloon float above them.
eagerThe children looked up at her with eager faces
flatThe groupies had flat faces and equally flat personalities.
brightThe students looked forward to the future with bright faces
redThe children had bright red faces after playing outside in the sun.
anxiousThe students handed in their tests with anxious faces
sadThere were several sad faces at the funeral.
prettyThe women in the room had pretty faces
beautifulThe beautiful faces smiled at me as I walked into the room.
brownThe brown faces of the children were filled with joy.
blankThe students sat with blank faces as the teacher announced the pop quiz.
friendlyI saw many friendly faces at the party.
verticalThe vertical faces of the building glistened in the sun.
wryHer wry faces reflected her skepticism towards the plan.
broadThe middle-aged women had broad faces and stern expressions.
freshThe new employees brought fresh faces to the company.
uglyThe ugly faces grimaced at me from the crowd.
angryThe protesters held up angry faces
triangularThe aliens had large triangular faces with big black eyes.
funnyThe children made funny faces at the clown.
innerThe inner faces of the cube were painted red.
seriousPeople walked away from the meeting with serious faces
outerThe outer faces of the dice showed a six and two.
unfamiliarThe crowd of unfamiliar faces was overwhelming.
graveThe news anchors were reporting the tragedy with grave faces
parallelThe crystals in this sample have smooth, parallel faces
smoothThe smooth faces of the children beamed with joy.
roundThe children have beautiful round faces
grimThe men marched forward with grim faces
solemnThey listened to the eulogy with solemn faces
fairHe admired their fair faces
yellowThe yellow faces stared back at me from the painting.
handsomeHe attracted a lot of attention with his handsome faces
adjacentThe two adjacent faces of the cube are painted red.
expectantThe expectant faces of the crowd stared up at the stage.
sweetThe children had sweet faces
likeThe crowd formed like faces
haggardThe storm left them with haggard faces
expressionlessThe crowd stood there with expressionless faces
cheerfulThe children had cheerful faces as they played in the park.
frightenedHis friends watched him with frightened faces
curiousThe children peered at the stranger with curious faces
femaleFemale faces appeared in the windows.
thinThe tall man's thin faces were eerily lit by the fire
famousThe paparazzi were eager to capture photos of the famous faces at the red carpet event.
deadThe old photographs on the wall had dead faces staring out at me.
flushedTheir flushed faces indicated they had been working hard.
tiredI saw a group of people with tired faces after the long race.
hideousThe terrifying beings had grotesque and hideous faces
sternThe guards marched with stern faces
wrinkledThey were all old with wrinkled faces
impassiveThe guards stood with impassive faces
pallidThe pallid faces of the prisoners told the story of their long confinement.
sullenThe children sat with sullen faces their eyes fixed on the floor.
lovelyI was surrounded by lovely faces at the party.
grotesqueThe gargoyles perched atop the ancient cathedral had grotesque faces their contorted features frozen in a perpetual grimace.
pleasantShe smiled at the pleasant faces around her.
steepThe building was a sheer wall of steep faces
pinchedThe students sat at their desks with pinched faces waiting for the test results.
cleanThe students lined up in neat rows with clean faces
beardedThe men stood in a row with their bearded faces turned towards the camera.
innocentThe children looked up at me with innocent faces

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