Adjectives for Facilities

Adjectives For Facilities

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing facilities, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe facilities can profoundly affect the message you're conveying. Whether highlighting the educational prowess of an institution, boasting the innovation of new constructions, acknowledging the accessibility of public infrastructure, underscoring the importance of medical centers, or promoting the joy in recreational spaces, each adjective paints a unique picture. Moreover, asserting that facilities are adequate might subtly suggest they meet basic standards but could lack in excellence or sophistication. Understanding these nuances offers a richer, more precise depiction of environments designed to serve specific needs or interests. Explore our full list below to see the extensive array of adjectives that can bring your descriptions of facilities to life.
educationalStudents made good use of the educational facilities in their town.
newThe company is planning to build new facilities in the area.
publicThe public facilities in this area are very convenient.
medicalThe medical facilities in the area were top-notch.
recreationalWe have excellent recreational facilities including a state of the art gym.
adequateThe school has adequate facilities for the students.
physicalThe school has excellent physical facilities
specialThe hotel offers special facilities for disabled guests.
betterOur school will surely improve with better facilities
modernOur hotel offers modern facilities like free Wi-Fi and a fitness center.
additionalWe provide additional facilities for our passengers.
nuclearThere are safeguards in place to protect nuclear facilities
necessaryThe company needs to provide necessary facilities for employees to do their jobs.
inadequateThe inadequate facilities made it difficult to complete the task.
separateStudents at the college enjoyed separate facilities depending on their social clubs.
industrialPollution from industrial facilities is a major problem in many cities.
residentialThe residential facilities were comfortable and inviting.
properWe require proper facilities for our employees to work in.
termThe bank has provided the company with term facilities of $100 million.
sanitaryThe building provided its employees with clean and well-maintained sanitary facilities
privateWe offer a number of private facilities for our guests.
excellentThe resort provided excellent facilities for its guests.
availableThere were no available facilities at the time of the inspection.
limitedThe hotel offered limited facilities for its guests.
basicAll the basic facilities for daily living are available in the complex.
militaryThe military facilities were heavily guarded.
commercialThe commercial facilities in the area include a grocery store, a pharmacy, and a bank.
correctionalInmates are incarcerated in correctional facilities for committing crimes.
portThe port facilities were damaged during the storm.
poorThe hotel had poor facilities with only a small pool and a basic gym.
terminalThe airport's terminal facilities included a food court and a business center.
extensiveThe resort boasts extensive facilities including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a gym.
irrigationThe irrigation facilities have significantly improved the agricultural output of the region.
infrastructuralThe city has been working to improve its infrastructural facilities such as roads, bridges, and public transportation.
mentalHe was moved to a hospital with better mental facilities
technicalWe have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technical facilities
appropriateWe ensure that our guests have access to appropriate facilities during their stay.
psychiatricI was admitted to one of the psychiatric facilities in the city.
productiveThe company invested heavily in new productive facilities to increase output.
improvedThe school's improved facilities include a new gym and library.
culturalThe city invested in cultural facilities such as museums, theaters, and libraries.
relatedThe company provides a wide range of related facilities including transportation, accommodation, and catering.
suitableThis resort has suitable facilities for your family.
specializedThe organization has specialized facilities for manufacturing precision instruments.
ampleThe resort boasts ample facilities to keep guests entertained.
athleticThe school has a large athletic facilities with numerous playing fields and courts.
equalAll castes should have equal facilities in temples
libraryThe students made full use of the library facilities
essentialThe essential facilities doctrine is a legal principle that requires businesses that control an essential facility to provide access to that facility to competitors.
handicappedThe handicapped facilities at the park were well-maintained and easy to use.
urbanThe urban facilities in the city are top-notch.
postalThe town has recently added three new postal facilities
navalThe enemy destroyed our naval facilities
basedThe company has established based facilities in several countries.
diagnosticThe hospital has invested heavily in diagnostic facilities including advanced imaging and laboratory equipment.
skilledWe have a team of skilled facilities to help you with your home improvement needs.
institutionalThe college's institutional facilities include a library, a gymnasium, and a student union.
communalThe communal facilities include a swimming pool, a gym, and a playground.
municipalThe city council voted to increase funding for municipal facilities
childcareThe childcare facilities were excellent.
outpatientThe hospital has extensive outpatient facilities
reasonablePassengers requiring reasonable facilities should make the requisite arrangements with the carrier prior to departure.
outdoorThe school has excellent outdoor facilities including a playground, a soccer field, and a running track.
juvenileThe juvenile facilities were designed to rehabilitate young offenders rather than punish them.
superiorThe resort's superior facilities included a state-of-the-art fitness center and multiple swimming pools.
scaleThe new scale facilities at the plant will allow us to weigh larger trucks more quickly and efficiently.
permanentThe permanent facilities of the town include a library, a museum, and a theater.
extendedThe hotel offers extended facilities including a swimming pool and a fitness center.

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