Adjectives for Facility

Adjectives For Facility

Discover the perfect adjectives for 'facility' for your project. Our list includes popular choices like 'new,' 'great,' 'greater,' and 'medical.' Each adjective is illustrated with a sentence, enhancing your understanding and usage. Ideal for writers and educators looking to enrich their language. Dive into our comprehensive guide to find the most fitting adjectives for 'facility'.

newThe new facility will be completed by the end of the year.
greatHis first achievement was learning to play the piano with great facility
greaterHer knowledge of the language allowed her to speak with greater facility
equalThe politician answered both questions with equal facility
centralThe central facility provided vital services to the community.
termThe bank has sanctioned a term facility of Rs 100 crore to the company.
residentialThe residential facility provided a safe and supportive environment for the residents.
nuclearAccess to the nuclear facility was restricted due to safety concerns.
greatestHe displayed his greatest facility in painting equestrian portraits.
correctionalThe correctional facility housed inmates convicted of various crimes.
skilledThe patient was discharged to a skilled facility for physical therapy.
muchHis command of English was improved with much facility
psychiatricThe patient was admitted to the psychiatric facility for evaluation.
mentalHe was admitted to the mental facility for treatment.
entireThe entire facility is under construction.
modernThe modern facility boasts cutting-edge equipment and spacious work areas.
verbalHis verbal facility enabled him to articulate his thoughts with clarity and eloquence.
remarkableThe sculptor displayed a remarkable facility for carving intricate designs.
extendedThe patient was admitted to the extended facility for further care.
technicalOur technical facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.
extraordinaryShe possessed an extraordinary facility with languages.
nearestThe nearest facility is just a few blocks away.
wonderfulThe wonderful facility offered a wide range of amenities and activities.
largestThe largest facility is located in the city center.
separateI asked to be taken to a separate facility where I could rest.
industrialThe industrial facility emitted pollutants into the air.
educationalThe educational facility provided students with the resources they needed to succeed.
fatalHe spoke with a fatal facility saying whatever came into his head.
appropriateThe appropriate facility for this event is the convention center.
largerThe community opened a larger facility designed for senior gatherings.
inpatientThe patient was admitted to the inpatient facility for further observation.
commercialThe new commercial facility was a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
recreationalThe recreational facility was closed for maintenance.
outpatientThe patient was seen at the outpatient facility for a follow-up visit.
secureThe top-secret documents were stored in a secure facility
bedThe hospital has a bed facility of over 200 beds.
juvenileThe juvenile facility was overcrowded and understaffed.
extremeShe plays the piano with extreme facility
undergroundThe underground facility is open from 6am until 10pm.
experimentalThe experimental facility was designed to study the effects of microgravity on human physiology.
centralizedThe centralized facility allowed for efficient coordination and resource allocation.
utmostShe spoke French with the utmost facility
acuteThe hospital's acute facility provides specialized care for critically ill patients.
hazardousThe residents were evacuated from the area near the hazardous facility due to a chemical leak.
permanentThe company has a permanent facility in the city.
acreThe company's acre facility is located in the countryside.
basedThe military based facility was heavily guarded.
artThe art facility is home to many talented artists.
scaleThe scale facility provided us with accurate measurements of the objects we were studying.
essentialThe essential facility doctrine is a legal principle that requires a company that controls an essential facility to provide access to the facility to its competitors on fair and reasonable terms.
temporaryWe will set up a temporary facility to provide shelter for the displaced residents.
astonishingThe scientist demonstrated her astonishing facility for retaining complex information.
comparativeShe has developed a presentation with comparative facility
siteThe site facility was heavily damaged in the storm.
navalThe naval facility was heavily damaged in the storm.
unusualThe unusual facility disturbed the patrons.
footThe foot facility provides specialized care for all types of foot and ankle problems.
integratedThe integrated facility provides a comprehensive range of services under one roof.
remoteOur remote facility is located in a small town in the mountains.
amazingThe pianist displayed amazing facility in performing the complex piece.
usefulThe useful facility provides valuable resources.
intermediateThe workers went to the warehouse which provided intermediate facility for the transfer of goods.

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