Adjectives for Failure

Adjectives For Failure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing failure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'failure' carries a weighted presence in both medical and personal contexts. When combined with adjectives such as 'renal', 'congestive', 'acute', 'chronic', 'cardiac', and 'respiratory', the term takes on highly specific meanings, especially in the medical field. Descriptors like 'acute' and 'chronic' categorize the severity and duration of the failure, affecting both diagnosis and treatment options. 'Cardiac' and 'renal' pinpoint the organ involved, leading to more focused care. Each adjective, therefore, not only provides essential information about the condition but also nuances understanding, allowing for more tailored discussions and interventions. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'failure' to grasp the intricate layers of meaning each brings.
renalThe patient is suffering from acute renal failure
congestiveThe patient was admitted to the hospital with congestive failure
acuteHis acute failure to remember proper nouns has made standardized tests quite difficult.
chronicChronic failure led to the patient's deteriorating health.
cardiacCardiac failure occurs when the heart becomes too weak to pump blood effectively.
respiratoryHis respiratory failure compelled him to rely on a ventilator.
completeHis first attempt at kite flying was a complete failure
totalThe project ended in a total failure
hepaticHepatic failure also known as liver failure, is a condition in which the liver can no longer perform its essential functions.
severeThe severe failure of the system caused widespread disruptions.
leftThe left failure occurred due to an unexpected error.
rightThe right failure of the engine caused the plane to crash.
utterThe project ended in utter failure
dismalThe project was a dismal failure and had to be scrapped.
circulatoryCirculatory failure occurs when the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's demands.
ultimateTheir ultimate failure was due to a lack of planning.
apparentThe apparent failure of the program was due to a logic error.
partialThe project was a partial failure but we learned a lot from our mistakes.
heartHer heart failure was caused by a congenital heart defect.
progressiveThe progressive failure of the system led to a complete loss of data.
mechanicalThe spacecraft was lost due to mechanical failure
ovarianOvarian failure is a condition in which the ovaries no longer function properly.
catastrophicThe catastrophic failure of the system led to widespread outages.
sidedThe mission ended in a one-sided failure.
fulminantThe new product was a fulminant failure
prematureThe premature failure of the project was a major setback for the company.
possibleThe project was riddled with possible failures.
disastrousThe disastrous failure of the experiment set the project back months.
structuralThe bridge's structural failure caused a catastrophic collapse.
initialDespite his initial failure he never gave up on his dream.
organOrgan failure is a devastating event that can result in death
stageThe stage failure caused the show to be postponed.
subsequentThe subsequent failure of the project was attributed to a lack of planning.
multipleThe multiple failure of the system caused widespread disruption.
suddenThe sudden failure of the engine caused the car to lurch to a stop.
eventualTheir eventual failure was caused by a lack of planning.
advancedThe advanced failure of the system caused widespread disruption.
relativeThe experiment was a relative failure only producing a few meager results.
inducedThe experiment involved induced failure in order to observe the subjects' reactions.
autonomicAutonomic failure can lead to a wide range of symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, and fatigue.
shearThe shear failure of the bolt occurred due to excessive loading.
brittleThe cold temperature caused the material to experience brittle failure
frequentHe experienced frequent failures in his attempts to start the car.
inevitableIts inevitable failure was a foregone conclusion.
myocardialThe patient was diagnosed with myocardial failure after suffering a heart attack.
comparativeThe company's new product launch was a comparative failure
repeatedRepeated failures have taught me to never give up.
graftThe graft failure was due to a lack of blood flow to the transplanted organ.
absoluteThe project was an absolute failure
impendingThe ominous silence hinted at an impending failure
continuedThe company is experiencing continued failure due to poor management.
tragicThe tragic failure of the mission left a lasting impact on the team.
persistentDespite persistent failure he never gave up on his dreams.
allegedThe report cites alleged failure by the board to follow processes.
oliguricThe patient's worsening kidney function resulted in oliguric failure
consequentThe company's consequent failure to meet its financial obligations led to its bankruptcy.
occasionalDespite occasional failure the team persisted in their efforts.
conspicuous"The treasurer's conspicuous failure to file the required financial reports raised concerns among the board members."
temporaryThe server is experiencing a temporary failure
adrenalThe adrenal failure was caused by a lack of cortisol.
obviousThe obvious failure of the project led to its cancellation.
signalThe train was delayed due to a signal failure
therapeuticThere were several cases of therapeutic failure during the trial.
widespreadThe widespread failure of the project was due to a lack of planning and coordination.

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