Adjectives for Failures

Adjectives For Failures

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing failures, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the intricate landscape of life and success, the term 'failures' often carries a heavy connotation. Yet, the adjectives used with it—such as 'many,' 'such,' 'past,' 'early,' 'most,' and 'more'—imbue it with unique nuances that can significantly alter our perception. For instance, 'many failures' may emphasize volume, hinting at persistence or a journey fraught with challenges, while 'past failures' points to a history of obstacles now overcome. The use of 'early' can suggest learning and growth, paving the way for future success. Each adjective, then, transforms the weight of 'failures' into a multidimensional narrative of resilience and hope. Dive into the full breadth of adjectives that color the world of failures and uncover the intricate emotions they convey.
manyMany failures however, only strengthen one's resolve.
suchSuch failures are not so rare and sometimes they also result in accidents.
pastPast failures helped to shape my present goals.
earlyEarly failures can be invaluable learning experiences.
mostThe most failures come from trying and giving up after the first attempt.
moreFailure is not an option, it's a starting point for more failures
frequentFrequent failures can damage a person's self-esteem.
numerousTheir numerous failures did not deter them from pursuing their goals.
previousI learned from my previous failures
mechanicalA series of mechanical failures caused the spacecraft to crash.
majorThe project has been plagued by a series of major failures
completeThe experiments were complete failures
successiveTheir successive failures did not discourage them.
catastrophicCatastrophic failures can result in significant losses.
possibleThere were several possible failures that could have caused the accident.
occasionalThe project succeeded despite occasional failures
potentialThe project has many potential failures
seriousThe company's recent financial results indicate serious failures in management.
totalThe project was a series of total failures
multipleDespite multiple failures he remained determined.
recentRecent failures have made me question my abilities.
structuralThe building was condemned due to structural failures
partialThe project was riddled with partial failures due to inadequate planning.
commercialNumerous commercial failures kept us from attaining our objective.
dismalDespite their early promise, the project team's dismal failures led to its eventual cancellation.
moralThere is no excuse for moral failures
technicalDue to unforeseen technical failures the system is currently unavailable.
financialThe company's financial failures led to its eventual bankruptcy.
militaryTheir military failures had significantly weakened their position in the region.
earlierHe had faced earlier failures in his career.
apparentThe project seemed doomed to fail, but its apparent failures led to a breakthrough.
fewerOur new approach resulted in fewer failures
spectacularThe project was marred by spectacular failures
disastrousThe disastrous failures made us lose faith in him.
therapeuticMany therapeutic failures are due to problems with patient adherence.
costlyCostly failures can teach valuable lessons.
subsequentThe subsequent failures forced the company to reconsider its strategy.
widespreadWidespread failures in the system caused the project to be delayed.
miserableThe miserable failures left the company with nothing but regrets.
inevitableInevitable failures are an inherent part of the learning process.
randomThe system experienced random failures throughout the night.
utterThe company's recent marketing campaigns have been utter failures
futureDon't dwell on future failures learn from past mistakes and keep moving forward.
academicThe student experienced numerous academic failures during his first year of college.
notableThe company's notable failures include several high-profile product launches that underperformed expectations.
prematureThere were many premature failures in the first test.
unexpectedThe unexpected failures caused a commotion among the attendees.
relatedShe was unable to take part in the experiment due to related failures
conspicuousThe politician's conspicuous failures to keep his campaign promises damaged his credibility.
minorYou learn from both big wins and minor failures
corporateThe company suffered a series of corporate failures leading to its eventual bankruptcy.
institutionalThe investigation revealed institutional failures that allowed the abuse to occur.
massiveThe project was plagued by massive failures from the outset.
electricalElectrical failures can cause problems for businesses of all sizes.
consecutiveThree consecutive failures in the college's accreditation process was unheard of.
temporaryThe temporary failures of this project made us nervous, so we hired a new manager.
functionalThe system experienced several functional failures during the test.
outrightThe accounting firm reported multiple outright failures in their most recent audit.
worstThe worst failures in life are those we make repeatedly.
repeatedDespite repeated failures he remained determined.
operationalEngineers were perplexed by the series of operational failures
surgicalThe surgeon was determined to eliminate all surgical failures
dramaticThe new update introduced dramatic failures to the system.
tragicThe company's tragic failures led to its eventual demise.
expensiveThe project was riddled with expensive failures
brittleBrittle failures could have been prevented with more testing.

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