Adjectives for Faith

Adjectives For Faith

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing faith, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe faith can significantly alter the perception of the subject it's applied to. Adjectives such as good, Christian, and religious often cast faith in a positive or specific denominational light, expressing approval or belonging. Conversely, terms like bad or true question the authenticity or morality of the faith in question. Even within a single religious tradition, such as Catholic, nuanced descriptors convey a deep understanding and genuine respect for the diversity and complexity of belief systems. Embrace the full spectrum of adjective usage with faith to uncover the varying hues of spirituality and conviction. Explore our comprehensive list of adjectives linked with faith below to discover more.
goodWe acted in good faith when we believed the contract was valid.
christianMy Christian faith has always been an important part of my life.
religiousHer religious faith helped her cope with the loss of her loved one.
trueTrue faith is not about believing something blindly, but about having a deep conviction in the truth of something.
badThe company acted in bad faith when it failed to disclose the material defects in the product.
catholicThe Catholic faith teaches that God is a Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
littleI have little faith in your abilities to complete this task today.
muchI have much faith in the power of kindness.
simpleThe child had simple faith in his parents.
blindHe had blind faith in his mentors.
strongWith strong faith he never doubted the impossible would happen.
fullI have full faith in my abilities.
implicitThe child had implicit faith in his teacher's wisdom.
perfectMy perfect faith in her abilities never wavered.
protestantThe protestant faith is a branch of Christianity that emphasizes the importance of personal faith and a direct relationship with God.
ancientThe ancient faith has been passed down through generations.
deepShe has a deep faith in God.
firmWith firm faith they embarked on their perilous journey.
holyHer holy faith gave her the strength to persevere through difficult times.
absoluteI had absolute faith in his abilities.
islamicThe Islamic faith is based on the teachings of Muhammad, who is considered to be the last prophet of God.
orthodoxI adhere to the orthodox faith believing in the traditional doctrines and practices of my religion.
completeShe had complete faith in his ability to fix the problem.
pureWith pure faith she believed that anything was possible.
abidingHer abiding faith in herself gave her the strength to overcome any obstacle.
reformedHe found a reformed faith in the local parish.
biblicalThe biblical faith teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves.
genuineThe healer possessed genuine faith in his abilities.
evangelicalThe evangelical faith is a Protestant Christian faith that emphasizes the importance of personal conversion and the authority of the Bible.
muslimShe is a woman of Muslim faith
democraticWe need to strengthen our democratic faith in order to ensure the stability of our nation.
buddhistThe Dalai Lama is a spiritual leader of the Buddhist faith
livelyHer lively faith kept her going even during the most difficult times.
profoundIt was her profound faith in God that gave her strength to persevere through difficulties.
enoughI believe in you; you can do it with enough faith
childlikeHer childlike faith in the goodness of the world was endearing.
unquestioningJane's unquestioning faith in her doctor made her follow his advice.
unshakableHer unshakable faith carried her through the darkest of times.
unwaveringShe sailed through the storm with unwavering faith in her captain's abilities.
utmostThe entire team had the utmost faith in their leader's ability to win the game.
sincereHer sincere faith helped her through difficult times.
naiveDespite her naive faith in her boyfriend, she discovered his lies.
interThe inter faith dialogue promoted understanding and respect among different religious groups.
plightedThey exchanged rings as a symbol of their plighted faith
hinduAccording to her Hindu faith she was to have a baby boy.
moslemHis parents are practising members of the Moslem faith
lutheranOn Sundays, our family attends my mother's church, a lutheran faith community.
rationalRational faith is believing in something because it is supported by reason and evidence.
unboundedHer unwavering belief and unbounded faith in her abilities propelled her to great heights.
weakHis weak faith caused him to doubt himself.
primitiveShe held a primitive faith in the power of prayer.
steadfastHis steadfast faith in the Lord helped him through the difficult times.
apostolicThe apostolic faith is the traditional belief and practice of the Christian church.
ancestralMy ancestral faith teaches me to be kind to others.
sublimeDespite her sublime faith she couldn't shake the feeling of doubt that gnawed at her heart.
ardentShe had ardent faith in the divine, which sustained her through the trials she faced.
sikhThe Sikh faith is a monotheistic religion that originated in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent.

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