Adjectives for Fake

Adjectives For Fake

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fake, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word fake can conjure a myriad of images and feelings, depending heavily on the adjectives that accompany it. Descriptors such as own, good, big, complete, able, and little each add a unique shade of meaning, transforming the straightforward noun into a nuanced concept that can either be criticized or, surprisingly, appreciated in certain contexts. A good fake might imply a masterful duplication, while a big fake suggests something unmistakably artificial on a large scale. Each adjective navigates through the complex relationship we have with authenticity and imitation. Dive deeper into how adjectives color the perception of fake in our exhaustive list below.
ownI decided to give up my own fake diamond ring for a real one.
goodIt was a good fake but I could still tell it wasn't real.
bigThe big fake smile on her face made me wonder what was going on.
ableThe able fake artist can paint beautiful works of art.
oldThe old fake gentleman finally crept out of his lair.
obviousThe 'picture' they posted was an obvious fake
realThe 'real fake' was so convincing that I almost fell for it.
pureThe so-called evidence is pure fake
genuineThe painting was a genuine fake
totalThe witness gave total fake information about the case.
modernThe modern fake news has created a distrust in news media.
deliberateThe deliberate fake was intended to mislead the public.
biggestHis biggest fake smile was reserved for the camera.
quickThe quick fake confused the defenders.
mereHis mere fake smile is enough to know that he isn't happy with everything.
perfectThe perfect fake looked so real that no one could tell it was not genuine.
elaborateThe elaborate fake painting was a masterpiece of deception.
convincingThe convincing fake made it difficult to tell the difference.
outrightThis claim is outright fake
doubleThe offense used a double fake to confuse the defense.
centuryThe 21st century fake news has created a lot of problems for the world.
successfulThe successful fake painting sold for millions during the art auction.
cheapShe bought cheap fake jewelry on her trip to China.
palpableThe palpable fake goods flooded the market.
worthlessThe worthless fake was exposed by the investigation.
giganticThe gigantic fake statue towered over the tourists.
beautifulShe wore beautiful fake eyelashes.
clumsyThe clumsy fake swayed the broken glass precariously.
actionThe wrestler's action fake surprised the audience.
phonyThat phony fake was so convincing, I almost believed it was real.
literaryThe literary fake was exposed when his true identity was revealed.
magnificentA magnificent fake the painting sold for a record price.
medievalThe medieval fake document was easily exposed by the historian.
authenticThe museum proudly displayed an authentic fake fossil.
excellentShe has excellent fake eyelashes.
colossalThe colossal fake was revealed in the final act.
crudeThe crude fake passport was discovered during a routine check.
insideThe inside fake is not real.
lessLess fake news is never a bad thing.
transparentThe transparent fake was easily seen through.
mineThe rumor is mine fake but it is true.
sheerShe could see sheer fake hanging over her head.
hugeI was shocked by the huge fake spider in the Halloween store.
vapidestThe vapidest fake was quickly revealed to be a fraud.
famousThe Mona Lisa is a famous fake painting.
plainThat's a plain fake
niceThat was a very nice fake you used in the game.
dearOh, dear fake I didn't know you were a fraud.
decentI have a decent fake smile.
aboveAbove fake news, there's only real news.
terribleThe terrible fake diamond was easily spotted by the expert.
rottenThat rotten fake mango tasted horrible.
bloodyThat accent was bloody fake
pretentiousI can't stand pretentious fakes.
chillyThe chilly fake snow fluttered and landed gently on the children's hats.
blatantThe blatant fake was easily spotted by the trained eye of the expert.
outrageousThe outrageous fake news article caused widespread panic among the population.
falseIt is wrong to make false fake promises.
skillfulThe team won due to the skillful fake made by the star player.

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