Adjectives for Fame

Adjectives For Fame

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fame, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced implications of various adjectives when paired with the noun 'fame' reveals a tapestry of interpretations and connotations. A 'great fame' may evoke a sense of grandeur and timeless recognition, whereas 'literary fame' hones in on accolades within the written word's realm, emphasizing merit and intellect. In contrast, 'ill fame' brings forth negative associations, highlighting notoriety over esteem. 'International fame' underlines widespread acknowledgment across borders, suggesting a reach that transcends cultural and geographical limitations. 'Own fame,' conversely, personalizes the concept, inviting introspection into the nature of one's reputation. Lastly, 'wide fame' suggests an extensive influence or renown. Each adjective, therefore, shapes our understanding of fame, casting light on its multifaceted character. Continue reading to explore the full list of adjectives that color our perception of fame.
greatShe was a woman of great fame
literaryThe author achieved literary fame with his first novel.
illHis name had been dragged into ill fame by the media.
internationalThe actress quickly rose to international fame after her starring role in the blockbuster movie.
ownHe was a writer of his own fame
wideHe invented the telephone, and soon his name was known to wide fame
fairThe singer has gained fair fame for her beautiful voice and moving performances.
nationalHer victory brought her national fame and she became a role model for young athletes everywhere.
immortalHer name will live on in immortal fame
posthumousHarrison Ford achieved posthumous fame as the star of the 'Indiana Jones' franchise.
muchHer painting brought her much fame
militaryHe retired from the military after a career of great military fame
commonThe politician's common fame made her easy to recognize.
greaterWith this new album, she reached greater fame
considerableThe actor achieved considerable fame for his starring role in the blockbuster movie.
futureHe was a man of little future fame but he lived an extraordinary life.
lastingHis work has brought him lasting fame
greatestHer greatest fame may have been her role as a champion of the women's suffrage movement.
localThe local fame of the artist grew quickly after his work was featured in a prestigious gallery.
undyingHis name will go down in history with undying fame
worldwideShe achieved worldwide fame as a painter.
ancientThe ancient fame of the temple spread far and wide.
personalThe actor's sudden rise to personal fame made it difficult for him to adjust to the constant public attention.
eternalHis name will forever be etched in the annals of eternal fame
europeanThe singer's european fame spread quickly after her debut album was released.
enduringHis enduring fame rests on his groundbreaking research in the field of genetics.
suddenHer sudden fame brought her both joy and criticism.
poeticThe poet achieved poetic fame with his exquisite and evocative verses.
honestHer honest fame has lasted a long time after her death.
instantThe singer achieved instant fame after her debut album sold millions of copies.
popularThe singer's popular fame has brought her many opportunities.
immediateHis heroic act brought him immediate fame and recognition.
evilThe evil fame of the villain spread throughout the land.
trueTrue fame is a thing as rare as the first violets of spring.
worldlyThe celebrity's worldly fame brought them many opportunities and challenges.
widespreadThe actor's widespread fame brought him recognition from all corners of the globe.
earthlyEarthly fame is fleeting, but the legacy of one's deeds endures.
permanentWinning this race will bring him permanent fame
deathlessTheir deathless fame shall live forever in the annals of history.
contemporaryHer contemporary fame was due to her role in a popular television series.
everlastingThe historical figure will be remembered with everlasting fame
imperishableThe general's victory won him imperishable fame
universalHer universal fame had spread far and wide.
laterThe talented artist had later fame when her paintings sold for a record-breaking price at an auction.
widerThe book brought him wider fame after he'd spent years toiling in obscurity.
legendaryHis relentless pursuit of excellence earned him legendary fame
chiefThe chief fame of the singer lies in his ability to reach high notes.
historicThe ancient ruins stand as testaments to the city's historic fame
earnedHe has earned fame as an actor and singer.
poeticalThe poet achieved considerable poetical fame during his lifetime.
equalThe two scientists achieved equal fame for their groundbreaking research.
highestThe president conducted himself with the highest fame
subsequentHis subsequent fame made him the subject of public fascination.
lessHe is a talented actor but with less fame
deservedTheir integrity and bravery brought them deserved fame
gloriousThe general basked in the glorious fame of his victory.
honorableHis honorable fame spread throughout the realm.
martialHis martial fame spread throughout the land.
immenseThe boy gained immense fame after winning the competition.
spotlessHer spotless fame spread throughout the land.
modestHis modest fame was soon eclipsed by the rising star of a new player.
justMarie Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize twice. The first time was in 1903, for physics, and the second time was in 1911, for chemistry. Her unassuming personality and dedication to her work brought her much respect and just fame
lesserThe actor of lesser fame was overshadowed by his more renowned co-star.
artisticTheir artistic fame spread throughout the land, bringing them both wealth and admiration.
nobleHis noble fame will endure forever.
temporaryThe actor enjoyed the temporary fame that came with his starring role in the popular television series.
extraordinaryHe gained extraordinary fame as a result of his role in the movie.
honourableThe honourable fame of the founders lives on.
endlessHis endless fame continues to inspire people even today

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