Adjectives for Family

Adjectives For Family

Discover the perfect adjectives for 'family' to enhance your writing. Explore a curated list, including 'whole,' 'royal,' 'own,' and 'large,' each illustrated with a sentence. Elevate your descriptions of family in any context, ensuring your prose resonates with readers. Ideal for writers aiming to depict the unique qualities of families in their work.

wholeThe whole family went to the park for a picnic.
royalThe royal family greeted their subjects with a wave.
ownWe should all be proud of our own family
largeThe Johnsons are a large family with five children.
extendedWe spent the holidays with our extended family
same"My two cousins are from the same family".
entireThe entire family went to the beach for the day.
nuclearThe traditional nuclear family typically consisting of a mother, father, and their children, is becoming less common in modern society.
immediateI am going out with my immediate family on Saturday.
humanWe are the human family a global community with shared aspirations.
americanThe American family is changing.
singleWe discovered a single family home for sale that meets your specifications.
wealthyThe wealthy family donated a large sum of money to the charity.
poorThe poor family struggled to make ends meet.
ancientWe are descended from an ancient family that has lived in this region for centuries.
classThe class family of the dataset is images.
happyThe happy family went on a picnic in the park.
bigI have a big family
averageThe average family spends about $2000 on school supplies each year.
jointMy grandparents lived in a joint family with their three sons and their families.
imperialThe imperial family is very rich.
traditionalThe traditional family is a nuclear family with a mother, a father, and children.
prominentShe married into a prominent family
numerousThe house had numerous family photos on the walls.
patriarchalIn a patriarchal family the father is the head of the household and makes all the decisions.
distinguishedThe distinguished family arrived in a black limo.
respectableThe Smiths were a respectable family in the neighborhood.
richThe rich family lived in a large mansion on the outskirts of town.
aristocraticThey are the last descendants from an aristocratic family
christianThe Christian family was very welcoming and kind.
typicalThe holiday plans of our typical family include traveling abroad.
powerfulThey belong to a powerful family with deep roots in Alabama.
famousThe Smiths are a famous family in the neighborhood.
chineseThe Chinese family had a large dinner together every Sunday.
illustriousShe was born into an illustrious family with a long history of military service.
bereavedThe bereaved family grieved for the loss of their beloved patriarch.
italianThe Italian family enjoyed a delicious meal of pasta and meatballs.
fosterThe child was placed with a foster family after being removed from their home due to neglect.
bourgeoisThe bourgeois family was the foundation of Victorian society.
irishThe lively Irish family celebrated throughout the night with music and dancing.
knownMy known family was not very large, or what I would call close.
dysfunctionalThe dysfunctional family struggled to maintain a peaceful coexistence.
subThe author researched the sub family history in order to write his book.
adoptiveThe boy wondered if his adoptive family would miss him.
patientThe patient family is waiting for the doctor's report.
immigrantThe immigrant family settled in the new country and began a new life.
knitWe are a very close-knit family.
biologicalI decided to track down my biological family after years of searching.
conjugalThe conjugal family is the most common family structure in the world.
prosperousThe prosperous family lived in a grand house on the hill.
niceI met a nice family at the park the other day
mexicanThe Mexican family ate tacos for dinner.

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