Adjectives for Fare

Adjectives For Fare

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fare, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe fare can significantly alter the perception of a dish or meal. A standard fare may imply something basic yet reliable, whereas daily fare suggests a regular, perhaps comforting, routine. Describing something as good fare elevates its status, promising satisfaction. Meanwhile, simple fare denotes unpretentious, straightforward eating, and usual fare refers to what's typically expected. Full fare, on the other hand, implies a comprehensive, satisfying meal experience. Each adjective brings its own flavor and expectation to the table, enriching how we discuss and think about food. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to perfectly describe any type of fare below.
standardAfter the standard fare of introductions, the main dish of the meeting was served.
dailyShe was tired of eating the daily fare of rice and beans.
goodThe travelers enjoyed the good fare on the train.
simpleWe enjoyed a simple fare of bread, cheese, and fruit.
usualThe usual fare of fast food restaurants is burgers, fries, and soda.
fullThe full fare for the train is \$10.
hardThe restaurant is known for its hard fare and friendly service.
centWould you like to pay the two-cent fare?
traditionalThe restaurant serves traditional fare with a modern twist.
scantyThe scanty fare provided by the inn was barely enough to sustain the weary travelers.
poorCustomers were unhappy with the poor fare at the restaurant.
lowWe offer low fare options for those looking to save money on their travel.
classThe class fare for the train was $50.
betterI hope we have better fare this year.
ordinaryThe ordinary fare was a bit bland, but the service was excellent.
plainThe travelers enjoyed the plain fare and congenial company at the roadside inn.
wayThe way fare to the city is quite expensive.
commonThe menu's common fare offered several tempting dishes.
tripI paid a trip fare of $10.
averageThe food at the restaurant was average fare
extraThe extra fare for the checked baggage was $50.
singleI need a single fare to London, please.
homelyI'd describe the food at my local diner as homely fare
coarseThe coarse fare was all he could afford.
typicalThe restaurant offered typical fare with burgers, fries, and salads on the menu.
substantialThe restaurant offered a substantial fare of traditional Italian dishes.
frugalThe restaurant's menu offered only a frugal fare
meagreThe isolated outpost could only afford to provide meagre fare for dinner.
richI had a rich fare of local delicacies at the market.
excellentThe restaurant's excellent fare and impeccable service make it a must-visit destination for any discerning diner.
normalIs the normal fare cheaper than the weekend surcharge?
humbleThey served us a humble fare but it was nourishing and delicious.
halfI got a half fare on my bus pass.
lighterFor a lighter fare try the grilled salmon with roasted vegetables.
doubleThe train company imposed a double fare for passengers without a ticket.
basicThe basic fare of $12 round trip was quite reasonable.
meagerShe had to content herself with meager fare
sumptuousThe guests dined on a sumptuous fare prepared by the renowned chef.
lowestI booked a flight with the lowest fare available.
popularThe restaurant's menu features popular fare such as burgers, fries, and pizza.
lightWe enjoyed a light fare of sandwiches and salads at the cafe.
deliciousThe restaurant offered a delicious fare at an affordable price.
roughrough fare refers to a situation in which one faces severe difficulties or challenges.
daintyThe delicate teacups served dainty fare to the elegant guests.
italianI'm craving some authentic Italian fare
heartyThe restaurant is popular for hearty fare and cozy atmosphere.
solidThe restaurant serves solid fare at an affordable price.
minimumWe were charged the minimum fare for the train.
intellectualThe audience was eager to indulge in the intellectual fare on offer.
theatricalThe theatrical fare was a delightful blend of drama and comedy.
wholesomeThe wholesome fare left us feeling satisfied and content.
vegetarianThe restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian fare
dramaticAs a theater critic, I'm drawn to dramatic fare that's both thought-provoking and emotionally engaging.
flatTaking a taxi within the city limits costs a flat fare of $10.
literaryWe can expect delicious literary fare from the renowned author.
everydayThe everyday fare on the bus is $2.50.
exactPlease pay the exact fare when boarding the bus.
cheapThe airline offered cheap fare to attract more customers.
mexicanMy favorite local restaurant is known for its delicious mexican fare
delicateThe delicate fare was served on fine china.
musicalThe concert featured a diverse musical fare from classical to jazz.
roundThe round fare from New York to Los Angeles was $500.
variedThe restaurant's menu features a varied fare that caters to all tastes.
luxuriousIndulge in luxurious fare and immerse yourself in culinary bliss.
coarsestThe movie's coarsest fare is reserved for late-night TV airings.
simplestOur dining experience was basic, featuring only the simplest fare
illIll fare the lands, to hastening ills a prey.
scantThe picnic offered only a scant fare of sandwiches and chips.
exoticThe exotic fare of the restaurant made for an unforgettable dining experience, the menu offering a plethora of flavors from around the world.

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