Adjectives for Fares

Adjectives For Fares

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fares, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe fares can significantly impact the perception of value and cost. Descriptors like low and cheap immediately draw attention to affordability, suggesting good deals and economical choices. Conversely, terms such as high or higher prepare the reader for premium options, possibly with added benefits and superior comfort. The adjective special, meanwhile, introduces an element of exclusivity or temporal limitation, hinting at offers that stand out from the norm. Each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, painting a more vivid picture for the reader. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with fares for more insights into how tiny word choices can dramatically alter impressions.
lowBook low fares all around the globe with just a few taps.
lowerThe airline proposed lower fares to boost passenger numbers.
higherThe increase in fuel costs has led to higher fares on public transportation.
cheapI found cheap fares to Paris this summer.
specialWe offer special fares for students and seniors.
highThe airline's high fares have discouraged many travelers.
classThe airline has three class fares economy, business, and first.
lowestYou can book flights with the lowest fares on our website.
reducedChildren and seniors can often qualify for reduced fares on public transportation.
promotionalWe offer promotional fares for a limited time.
cheaperWe offer cheaper fares if you book in advance.
tripThe trip fares for the upcoming holiday are expected to increase.
publicThe increase of public fares has caused widespread discontent among commuters.
regularSome of the trains offer discounted fares for early booking, while others run regular fares
averageThe average fares on the new subway line are $2.50.
singleThe single fares on the buses have increased by 10%.
ordinaryThe students are eligible for ordinary fares on public transportation.
fullThe airline raised its full fares by ten percent.
standardThe website allows travelers to compare standard fares from multiple airlines.
internationalThe airline raised its international fares in response to the rising cost of fuel.
domesticDomestic fares on the route are expected to fall by 15% in the next quarter.
concessionaryWe are offering concessionary fares to students and the elderly.
normalThe normal fares will be applicable for the journey.
cheapestCatch the cheapest fares to Las Vegas this Friday.
extraThe extra fares were added on due to the inflation.
reasonableThe airline offers reasonable fares for its flights.
competitiveThe airline recently announced competitive fares for its summer flights.
jointThe joint fares will save you a bundle on your next vacation.
doubleDuring peak hours, the airlines instituted double fares
illIll fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, where wealth accumulates and men decay.
typicalThe cost of a bus ticket ranges around typical fares of $2.
rateThe rate fares are subject to change without notice.
separateThe passengers all paid separate fares
excessPassengers who wish to avoid excess fares should purchase their tickets in advance.
minimumThe minimum fares were raised by the bus service this year.
maximumThe maximum fares will go into effect on Tuesday.
peakThe peak fares will begin at 6 a.m. and continue until 9 a.m.
exorbitantThe exorbitant fares made it impossible to travel by train.
expensiveThe expensive fares on the new bullet train have caused many commuters to opt for cheaper alternatives.
intrastateDiscount intrastate fares are available for travel within the state.
halfChildren and seniors often qualify for half fares on public transportation.
flatThe bus company offers flat fares for all passengers.
suburbanThe suburban fares are affordable.
dayThe day fares for public transportation are very affordable for commuters.
regulatedThe new regulated fares will only apply for five year olds and up.
aboveThe fare will include a surcharge of 10% above fares
roundThe airline will not refund any round fares
costThe cost fares have increased by 10% this year.
omnibusThe omnibus fares have been raised to ten cents.
seasonThe train company is offering discounts on season fares
worseThe airline has announced worse fares for next year.
uniformPassengers can use the uniform fares on school days.
unrestrictedMost airlines offer unrestricted fares with flexible terms and conditions.
excessiveWe do not agree with the excessive fares
wayThe way fares were not too high.
discountedThe airline is offering discounted fares for a limited time.
interstateThe bus company raised its interstate fares due to rising gas prices.
fixedThe new bus company offers fixed fares for all passengers.
subsidizedThe city council is considering raising subsidized fares for public transportation.
attractiveThe airline is offering attractive fares for its summer flights.
fieldThe field fares have returned to the countryside.

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