Adjectives for Farm

Adjectives For Farm

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing farm, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring adjectives linked with the noun 'farm' unveils a rich tapestry of imagery and sentiment, ranging from the intimate and quaint to the expansive and communal. A 'small farm' conjures images of a close-knit, perhaps family-run operation, while a 'large farm' suggests vast fields and substantial production capabilities. The term 'collective farm' brings thoughts of shared labor and communal rewards. Describing a farm as 'old' or 'little' adds layers of nostalgia or charm, hinting at histories untold or the simplicity of pastoral life. Each adjective used paints a unique picture, instilling the noun with distinct emotional and visual cues. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'farm' to discover the myriad ways we can perceive and describe this essential aspect of rural life.
smallHer small farm is a sanctuary for animals.
collectiveMost apartments and facilities related to living were shared among the members of the collective farm
largeThe large farm produced an abundance of crops.
acreThe farmer planted crops on his five-acre farm.
oldThe old farm had a long history of raising cattle.
ownI have my own farm where I grow my own vegetables.
averageThe average farm in the United States has 444 acres of land.
experimentalThe experimental farm yields promising results in developing new crop strains.
bigThe big farm had all types of animals.
wholeHe walked to the whole farm where there are many animals.
poor"I went to the poor farm and saw that they were doing very well," he said, although he didn't know how they came by their name.
fineMy fine farm has the best produce.
nearbyThe farmer tended to his crops at the nearby farm
offThe farmer went off farm to buy some supplies.
ruralThe rural farm was a peaceful place where the animals roamed freely.
presentThe present farm is a good place to raise cattle.
individualEach individual farm was chosen due to its unique characteristics.
typicalThe typical farm is a place of hard work and long hours.
neighboringThe neighboring farm's cows mooed loudly.
cooperativeThe cooperative farm was a great success, producing bumper crops year after year.
entireHe went to the market to sell goods from the entire farm
neighbouringThe neighbouring farm had a large barn.
isolatedThe isolated farm stood alone on the vast, windswept plain.
sizedAfter some time, they stopped at a reasonably sized farm
adjoiningThe adjoining farm had a large pond.
beautifulThe beautiful farm extended for acres, filled with lush greenery and meandering streams.
commercialThe commercial farm produced a large amount of crops.
largerThe larger farm next door smells like manure.
operativeThe operative farm employs cutting-edge agricultural techniques.
organicMy family visited the local organic farm to get fresh produce.
largestThe largest farm in the area produced a record amount of corn this year.
lonelyThe lonely farm stood isolated on the desolate plain.
mixedThe mixed farm had cattle, pigs, and chickens.
prosperousThe prosperous farm produced an abundance of crops.
agriculturalThe agricultural farm has been producing a variety of crops for over 50 years.
remoteThe remote farm was nestled far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
funnyHe went to the funny farm because he thought his dog was a telephone.
extensiveThe extensive farm sprawled across acres of rolling countryside.
successfulThe city is far from the successful farm
valuableHe tended to the livestock on his valuable farm
feeThe fee farm was a form of land tenure in medieval England.
productiveThe productive farm yielded a bountiful harvest.
niceI hope you enjoy your day on the nice farm
antThe ant farm provided an educational experience for the children.
distantI could see the distant farm from my window.
ostrichI visited an ostrich farm and learned about their unique characteristics and behaviors.
communalOur local community will be working together to support our new communal farm
hugeThe huge farm expanded across the rolling hills.
dryThe dry farm flourished with wheat and barley, but a lack of rain triggered an economic depression.
adjacentThe adjacent farm had a large barn and a silo.
nearestThe nearest farm is about a mile away.
famousI visited the famous farm down the street.
scaleThe scale farm is a large-scale agricultural operation that uses modern technology to produce crops and livestock.
ancestralMy grandfather left our ancestral farm to me before he passed away.
tinyThere was a tiny farm with only a few animals.
irrigatedThe irrigated farm had rows of ripe fruit and vegetables.
paternalWe lived on our paternal farm and my earliest memories are playing in the fields.
improvedThe improved farm had a higher yield than the previous year.
hogThe smell from the hog farm was unbearable.
outlyingThe abandoned agricultural equipment was rusting away in the outlying farm
cultivatedThe cultivated farm yielded a bountiful harvest.
fertileThe fertile farm yielded bountiful harvests every season.

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