Adjectives for Farmer

Adjectives For Farmer

Discover the most common adjectives for farmer, such as 'small,' 'old,' 'American,' and 'young.' Our web app showcases these adjectives in sentences, providing clear examples of how to use them. Perfect for writers and educators seeking to enrich their language. Explore now and find the perfect adjective to describe any farmer.

smallThe small farmer worked hard to provide for his family.
oldThe old farmer tended to his crops with care.
americanThe American farmer is hard-working and dedicated to providing food for the nation.
youngThe young farmer tended to his crops with great care.
poorThe poor farmer works day and night to get his crops growing.
goodThe good farmer tends to his crops with loving care.
averageThe average farmer works long hours and earns a modest income.
individualThe individual farmer had a hard time getting his crops to market.
successfulJohn is a successful farmer who has been working in the field for over 20 years.
localThe local farmer sold his produce at the market.
prosperousThe prosperous farmer enjoyed his bountiful harvest.
tenantThe tenant farmer worked long hours in the fields to support his family.
richThe rich farmer owned hundreds of acres of land.
englishThe english farmer was working on his barn.
wealthyThe wealthy farmer had a vast estate filled with fertile fields and livestock.
practicalThe practical farmer used new methods to increase crop yield.
independentThe independent farmer tends to his crops with care and diligence.
whiteThe white farmer tended to his crops with great care.
retiredThe retired farmer tended to his garden, finding solace in the simple pleasures of nature.
westernThe western farmer planted his crops in the spring.
progressiveThe progressive farmer was using innovative techniques to increase crop yield.
ordinaryJohn was an ordinary farmer who lived in rural Nebraska.
britishThe British farmer struggles with the rising cost of animal feed.
honestThe honest farmer worked tirelessly to cultivate his crops.
bigWith his wife, the big farmer purchased the nearby farm.
indianThe indian farmer has been facing a lot of challenges in recent years.
typicalThe typical farmer is a hard-working individual who is dedicated to their craft.
neighboringThe neighboring farmer kindly lent us some sugar.
germanThe German farmer tilled his fields with great care.
respectableThe respectable farmer tended to his fields with great care.
simpleThe simple farmer tended to his crops.
southernThe southern farmer sold his cotton for a good price.
collectiveThe collective farmer worked long hours in the fields.
intelligentThe intelligent farmer used technology to optimize crop yields.
neighbouringI borrowed some eggs from the neighbouring farmer
substantialThe substantial farmer had a large harvest this year.
chineseThe Chinese farmer worked hard in the fields all day.
timeThe time farmer tended to the fields of history with meticulous care.
irishThe Irish farmer was tending to his sheep when he saw a UFO.
prominentThe prominent farmer who had been tilling the land for decades, was well-respected in the community.
dutchThe Dutch farmer was tending to his crops.
industriousThe industrious farmer tirelessly worked his land, hoping for a bountiful harvest.
japaneseThe japanese farmer tended to his rice paddies with great care.
plainThe plain farmer lived a simple life.
canadianThe Canadian farmer tilled his fields, preparing them for the spring planting.
commercialThe commercial farmer harvested a large crop of wheat this year.
elderlyThe elderly farmer tended to his crops with great care.
northernThe old northern farmer complained to his son about how his young master had fired him.
taxThe tax farmer collected taxes for the government and kept a percentage for himself.
workingThe working farmer tended to his fields before dawn.
scaleThe scale farmer utilized advanced technology to maximize crop yield.
capitalistThe capitalist farmer exploited his workers to make a profit.
africanThe African farmer tended to his crops with care and diligence.
thriftyThe thrifty farmer used recycled materials to build his barn.
sturdyThe sturdy farmer tended to his fields with unwavering determination.
sheepThe sheep farmer was struggling to keep his flock safe from the wolves.
experiencedThe experienced farmer surveyed his land, his eyes scanning the rows of crops.
enterprisingThe enterprising farmer built a greenhouse to extend the growing season.
marginalThe marginal farmer was struggling to make ends meet.
agedThe aged farmer gazed out over his fields, a look of contentment on his face.
organicThe organic farmer was proud of his bountiful harvest.
worthyThe worthy farmer worked tirelessly to provide for his family.
extensiveThe extensive farmer decided to sell his cattle and retire.
wiseThe wise farmer tended to his crops with great care and patience.
humbleThe humble farmer lived a simple life and worked diligently to provide for his family.
illiterateThe illiterate farmer perished because he didn't know to read the warning label on the pesticide.
danishThe Danish farmer milked his cows every morning.
nearbyThe nearby farmer was harvesting his corn.
scottishThe Scottish farmer plowed his field with a team of horses.

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