Adjectives for Fashion

Adjectives For Fashion

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fashion, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'fashion' sparks visualizations of glamour and innovation, yet the adjectives paired with it delineate a broader spectrum of conceptual understanding. From 'similar' styles reflecting shared cultural aesthetics to 'same' pieces worn in uniformity, fashion transcends mere clothing. 'Orderly' and 'usual' fashions speak to traditional norms and the comfort found in predictability. Meanwhile, 'timely' trends capture the essence of fleeting societal values, and 'true' fashion breaks barriers, embodying authenticity. Each adjective weaves a unique narrative in the fabric of fashion history, inviting us to explore how descriptive nuances shape our perception of style. Discover the full list of adjectives and the diverse stories they tell about fashion below.
similarThe two of them were dressed in similar fashion with matching shirts and jeans.
sameShe dresses in the same fashion as her friends.
orderlyThey filed out of the building in an orderly fashion
usualJack responded in his usual fashion by rolling his eyes.
timelyThe report was submitted in a timely fashion
trueI always choose clothes that are true fashion not trendy.
typicalShe can be enormously generous in typical fashion
likeI like fashion but I don't like to spend a lot of money on it.
linearThe graph can be plotted in a linear fashion
systematicThey are arranged in a systematic fashion with the most recent messages appearing at the top.
latestI was impressed by her trendy outfit, which included the latest fashion
simpleShe prefers simple fashion over flashy styles.
normalShe usually wears normal fashion but today she's trying out a new, bolder look.
friendlyMy colleagues greeted me in a friendly fashion
englishShe is wearing english fashion
parallelThe young women were dressed in parallel fashion with matching outfits and accessories.
dramaticThe curtains fell with dramatic fashion
characteristicThe jester, in characteristic fashion cracked jokes even in the face of danger.
piecemealThe renovation was carried out in piecemeal fashion over several years.
indianIndian fashion is a vibrant and diverse expression of culture and history.
traditionalShe wore a beautiful kimono in the traditional fashion
europeanThe latest European fashion trends were on display at the fashion show.
peculiarThe new model wore a peculiar fashion
regularShe checked out what the local boutiques had on display with a regular fashion
circularShe loves refurbishing old garments into new pieces that reflect the principles of circular fashion
leisurelyThe woman was walking leisurely fashion
strangeHer strange fashion caught everyone's attention.
straightforwardThe straightforward fashion of the speaker made it easy to understand the message.
arbitraryThe management selected the employees for promotion in an arbitrary fashion
controlledThe chemical reaction proceeded in a controlled fashion
analogousThe two situations are analogous fashion
identicalThey all wore identical fashion to the prom.
consistentUsing consistent fashion we can find the patterns, and behaviors of our customers.
logicalThe pattern is arranged in logical fashion
romanJulia loves roman fashion
irregularMary's irregular fashion made other people look at her twice.
desultoryShe glanced at the newspaper in a desultory fashion
masterlyThe pianist performed the complex piece in masterly fashion
primitiveHer primitive fashion made her stand out in the modern world.
curiousHe was a man with a curious fashion sense, wearing a bright green suit and a top hat.
continuousContinuous fashion eliminates the pressure of buying new clothes by allowing you to rent them for a fraction of the cost.
hierarchicalIn a hierarchical fashion the teams were organized by their performance.
spectacularThe fireworks display ended in spectacular fashion
coordinatedThe dancers performed in a coordinated fashion
predictableThe accident occurred in predictable fashion
orientalThe oriental fashion is becoming more and more popular in the world.
integratedThe brand's integrated fashion approach seamlessly blended traditional and modern elements.
sequentialThe company released the new products in sequential fashion one after another.
exemplaryThe employee conducted himself in an exemplary fashion during his stay here.
routineShe always dress up in a routine fashion
mechanicalShe works in a mechanical fashion like a robot.
italianThe latest in Italian fashion was showcased at the Milan Fashion Week.
strikingHer striking fashion sense made her the center of attention at the party.
customaryShe wore a kimono in the customary fashion
orthodoxThe church's orthodox fashion dictated that women wear long, modest dresses.
complementaryHer outfit was a complementary fashion to his, with its bright colors and bold patterns.
stepShe walked with a confident step fashion
conventionalThe model showcased conventional fashion with her modest dress and simple accessories.
coherentThe evidence was presented in a coherent fashion

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