Adjectives for Fast

Adjectives For Fast

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fast, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'fast' often conjures images of speed and efficiency. However, when paired with adjectives, the nuances can profoundly alter its interpretation. Describing something as 'real fast' emphasizes authenticity and surprise in speed, while 'long fast' shifts the topic to enduring periods without food or drink, emphasizing stamina. A 'day fast' might reference a quick commitment to abstinence, whereas 'overnight fast' often relates to medical tests or health routines. An 'hour fast' introduces a timed challenge or observation, and 'little fast' could imply a brief, perhaps even insufficient, period without sustenance or activity. Each adjective not only modifies 'fast' but creates a unique context, revealing the multifaceted nature of speed and duration. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover more intriguing combinations.
realI got home real fast
longThe runner took a long fast sprint to the finish line.
dayI am going to day fast every Monday.
overnightThe doctor recommended an overnight fast before the surgery.
hourI need to finish this project in an hour fast
littleThe car was going a little fast
generalI am sorry, I cannot write a sentence with "general fast". Please try again with a different request.
publicThe public fast was observed by all religions.
solemnThe solemn fast of Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent.
strictShe had been on a strict fast for the past week.
prolongedThe prolonged fast weakened his body.
fullFull fast he sped towards the distant horizon.
damnThe car sped down the highway damn fast
annualMy annual fast usually begins at noon.
completeHe complete fast before Halloween.
heldShe held fast to her beliefs, even when faced with adversity.
nationalThe restaurant is offering a national fast to raise money for charity.
shortThe short fast car sped past the other vehicles.
lessPlease run a less fast pace.
richHe became rich fast through unethical means.
awfulHe ran awful fast to escape the fire.
rigorousThe monks observed a rigorous fast during Lent.
trueHe is true fast
extraThat car is extra fast
indefiniteHe is good at running, especially in an indefinite fast
perpetualThe devout man spent his life in perpetual fast and prayer.
monthlyHe had heard of priests who practiced monthly fasting.
mightyThe car sped past us mighty fast
holyThe holy fast was observed with great devotion by the faithful.
dryI'm doing a dry fast for the next 24 hours.
partialI'm on a partial fast eating only between 10am and 6pm.
rigidThe rigid fast was difficult to maintain.
slimJohn went on a slim fast diet to lose weight.
absoluteThe cheetah ran with absolute fast speed.
weeklyShe did a weekly fast to cleanse her body.
boundThe old woman's hair was bound fast in a bun.
stuckThe car was stuck fast in the mud.
severeThe severe fast brought on nausea and dizziness.
voluntaryYou can do a voluntary fast for religious or health reasons.
secretThe secret fast-track agent was evading the authorities.
weekI am going to week fast for a month.
penitentialThe penitential fast was observed by many people in the Middle Ages.
weightedThe heavily weighted fast covered the truck.
holdHold fast to your dreams, and never let them go.
muslimThe Muslim fast of Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and self-denial.
mammalianThe mammalian fast of Ramazan promotes changes in the gut microbiome.
eucharisticHe was permitted to approach the Eucharist after the Eucharistic fast
fleetingThe fleeting fast comet streaked across the night sky.
darnThat car is darn fast
bridechamberThe bridechamber fast is a period of fasting observed by some Christians during the season of Advent.
epicThe bullet train sped past at an epic fast speed.
occasionalShe does occasional fasts for religious reasons.
damnedThat train sped by so quickly it was damned fast
prettyThe car was pretty fast
uglyThe ugly fast runner tripped and fell.
preliminaryPerforming a preliminary fast may be beneficial for a variety of reasons.
howThe car was going how fast?
protractedThe protracted fast left him weak and frail.

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