Adjectives for Fate

Adjectives For Fate

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fate, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives linked with the noun 'fate' unveils a rich tapestry of meaning and emotion. The use of 'same' or 'similar' fate may emphasize shared experiences or universal truths, while 'own' fate highlights individual responsibility and personal journeys. 'Ultimate' and 'common' fate bring to light the inevitable end or shared destinies among people. The adjective 'sad' introduces a layer of emotion, suggesting a poignant or challenging outcome. These nuances stir the imagination and deepen our understanding of our destinies. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'fate' to discover more about how we relate to our inevitable journeys.
sameThey suffered the same fate
ownEveryone should be responsible for their own fate
similarThe two buildings met a similar fate in the earthquake.
ultimateMy ultimate fate is unknown.
commonUnited by a common fate they traveled together.
sadThe sad fate of the abandoned pet was heartrending.
betterShe deserved a better fate
tragicThe tragic fate of the Titanic was sealed when it collided with an iceberg.
terribleI met with a terrible fate when I was young.
worseThere could not have been a worse fate for the captive king.
unhappyThe unfortunate traveler met an unhappy fate while on his journey.
likeThis meeting felt like fate a moment that was meant to be.
futureThe future fate of the project was uncertain.
inevitableThe inevitable fate of the empire was sealed when the emperor's armies suffered a crushing defeat.
subsequentThe subsequent fate of the project is uncertain.
usualHis usual fate was to get up early.
evilI could not escape my evil fate
dreadfulThe innocent victim met a dreadful fate
horribleThe horrible fate that befell the innocent souls haunted their memories.
impendingThe air was thick with an impending fate
illHer ill fate led her down a path of misfortune and despair.
strangeShe might have met a strange fate if not for the timely arrival of her friend.
finalThe final fate of the ship is still unknown.
eventualMy eventual fate is still a mystery.
blindWe drifted onto the shores of blind fate not knowing where we were headed.
melancholyThe melancholy fate of the wanderer haunted her thoughts.
awfulThe poor soul met an awful fate
probableThe probable fate of the team is relegation.
inexorableThe inexorable fate of the Empire had already been sealed.
untimelyThe untimely fate of the prince shocked the kingdom.
miserableThe miserable fate of the condemned man lingered in the minds of the townsfolk.
environmentalThe environmental fate of a chemical substance is determined by its chemical and physical properties.
bitterDestiny held a bitter fate for her, one she could not escape.
happyHer happy fate had guided her to the perfect job.
adverseThe adverse fate of the travelers left them stranded in the wilderness.
uncertainThe wanderer's uncertain fate hung heavy in the air.
unknownThe missing hiker's unknown fate left his family in anguish.
worstShe was afraid her worst fate had come true.
wretchedHer wretched fate turned her into a bitter and resentful woman.
unfortunateTheir unfortunate fate was a tale of tragedy and heartbreak.
eternalI hope you will be rewarded in the eternal fate
sharedThey were bound together by a shared fate
unkindUnkind fate led me to this unfortunate destiny.
direHer dire fate was sealed the moment she crossed the threshold.
mysteriousThe mysterious fate of the lost city has fascinated explorers for centuries.
grimThe victims faced a grim fate after the horrific accident.
likelyHis likely fate is unknown.
disastrousTheir disastrous fate was a cautionary tale for all who dared to defy the gods.
dismalThe soldier faced his dismal fate with courage.
inescapableThe characters were bound to an inescapable fate
singularWe are all bound together by the singular fate of humanity.
developmentalResearchers used optical platforms to gain new insights into developmental fate and disease mechanisms.
ignominiousThe criminal's ignominious fate served as a cautionary tale to others.
harshThe harsh fate of the prisoners weighed heavily on their minds.
metabolicThe metabolic fate of dietary flavonoids is influenced by gut microbiota.
tragicalThe tragical fate of the young lovers left the entire town grief-stricken.
haplessThe hapless fate of the victim was sealed by the heartless killer.
relentless"It seems as if the relentless fate has been set"
untowardThe untoward fate of the ship was sealed when it hit an iceberg.
curiousMy curious fate led me to discover a hidden treasure.
fearfulThe child was overcome with fearful fate as he approached the unknown abyss.
collectiveThe collective fate of the group depended on the decisions of the few.
peculiarHer peculiar fate led her down an unexpected and extraordinary path.
malignant"Malignant fate" can also refer to a negative outcome that is destined to happen.
sorryI'm sorry fate has dealt you such a cruel blow.
harderWe all have a harder fate than we would have in a perfect world.

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