Adjectives for Fathers

Adjectives For Fathers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fathers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the exploration of the word 'fathers,' adjectives bring to light the multifaceted roles they have played throughout history and culture. Descriptors like 'founding' evoke the pioneering spirit and leadership of figures fundamental to the establishment of institutions, nations, or principles. The term 'early' may reference the forefathers of a discipline or idea, indicating their primal involvement. 'Many' reflects the universal and numerous impacts fathers have had in various contexts, while 'holy' suggests a spiritual or revered status. The mention of 'ancient' and 'greek' casts us back to the origins of Western civilization, underscoring the enduring influence of paternal figures from antiquity. These adjectives serve as portals, offering insights into the complexity and diversity of fathers' contributions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'fathers' and the rich narratives they unveil below.
foundingThe founding fathers established the Constitution of the United States.
earlyThe early fathers of the Church saw the importance of love.
manyThere were many fathers at the school play.
holyThe holy fathers have been revered for centuries for their wisdom and virtue.
ancientThe ancient fathers were wise men who knew the secrets of the universe.
greekMy children are being educated by Greek fathers
mostMost fathers love their children very much.
christianThe Christian fathers were a diverse group of early Christian theologians and writers.
americanThe American fathers watched their children play with great pride.
absentMany absent fathers blame their children's mothers for their lack of involvement.
franciscanThe Franciscan fathers were a group of Catholic priests who dedicated their lives to serving the poor and sick.
reverendThe reverend fathers preached a beautiful homily during the mass.
singleThe single fathers in the support group met every week to discuss their challenges.
biologicalMy biological fathers were incredibly supportive of my academic pursuits.
spiritualWe had two spiritual fathers one God, one human.
whiteThe white fathers were missionaries who came to Africa in the 19th century.
apostolicThe apostolic fathers were early Christian writers who lived in the first and second centuries.
gayThe gay fathers were proud of their son's accomplishments.
latinThe Latin fathers wrote extensively on the nature of Christ.
niceneThe Nicene fathers were a group of bishops who met in Nicaea in 325 AD to discuss and define the nature of Christ.
divorcedDivorced fathers often face challenges in maintaining relationships with their children.
puritanThe puritan fathers were a group of religious separatists who left England in the 17th century to establish a colony in North America.
expectantThe expectant fathers paced nervously outside the delivery room.
conscriptCicero addressed the assembled conscript fathers with a vigorous speech.
noncustodialMany noncustodial fathers struggle to maintain relationships with their children.
primitiveThe primitive fathers of the church had a deep understanding of the Bible.
unwedThe unwed fathers were struggling to make ends meet.
teenageTeenage fathers often face challenges in providing for their families.
pilgrimThe Pilgrim fathers established Plymouth Colony in 1620.
classThe class fathers attended their children's annual school dance.
unmarriedUnmarried fathers often face unique challenges in raising their children.
cappadocianThe Cappadocian fathers were a group of influential Christian theologians who lived in the 4th century.
nonresidentNonresident fathers may have visitation rights, but they are not typically responsible for daily care of the children.
earlierI heard that earlier fathers lived a life of luxury.
respectiveThe two brothers lived with their respective fathers
laterLater fathers tend to have more successful children.
adolescentTeenage fatherhood programs are being implemented in schools to support adolescent fathers
revolutionaryThe revolutionary fathers fought for independence from Britain.
deadThe dead fathers watched over their sons.
fosterThe foster fathers welcomed the child into their home with open arms.
dominicanThe Dominican fathers have been working in this parish for over 50 years.
custodialThere are an increasing number of custodial fathers in the country.
earliestThe earliest fathers of the Christian Church referred to the four Gospels by a collective title meaning 'book'
africanAfrican fathers play an important role in their families.
venerableThe venerable fathers of the church have left us a rich legacy of wisdom
apostolicalThe apostolical fathers were the earliest Christian writers after the apostles.
missionaryThe missionary fathers were sent to convert the natives.
unemployedThe unemployed fathers were struggling to find jobs in the current economy.
earthlyThe earthly fathers of the children did not know what was happening.
piousThe pious fathers of the church devoted themselves to studying the scriptures.
putativeThe paternity test results will help to identify the putative fathers of the child.
spanishThe Spanish fathers have a strong bond with their children.
adoptiveHe struggled to connect with his adoptive fathers who were far older than he was.
bornThe two new born fathers hugged their babies.
surrogateThe two surrogate fathers were thrilled to welcome their new baby into the world.
immigrantThe immigrant fathers struggled to find work in the new country.
agedAged fathers often worry about their children's futures.
worthyThey were worthy fathers and could not possibly have been better.
eminentThe eminent fathers of the community were honored for their contributions.
loneThere are many lone fathers who work hard to make ends meet.
incomeThe income fathers earn is used to support their families.
orthodoxThe orthodox fathers were very influential in the development of Christian theology.
ourOur fathers built this country on a strong foundation of hard work and perseverance.
residentSome resident fathers who do not earn enough to support their children's needs may be able to get help from the state.
learnedThe learned fathers were most assuredly right in their conclusion.
dearDear fathers I appreciate all your sacrifices for me.
calledTheir mothers and called fathers had also made as great a sacrifice.

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