Adjectives for Fault

Adjectives For Fault

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fault, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to pair with the noun 'fault' can profoundly impact the tone and clarity of a sentence. From acknowledging 'own fault' in a moment of humility, highlighting a 'great fault' in a character analysis, to understanding a 'serious fault' in a technical context, each combination paints a distinct picture. The adjective 'common' subtly normalizes the fault, whereas 'chief' emphasizes its significance within a hierarchy of issues. The careful choice of an adjective not only provides precise information but also evokes specific emotional responses, inviting readers to explore the complexities hidden within a simple word. Delve deeper into how these and other adjectives transform the perception of 'fault'.
ownIt's your own fault if you can't keep up.
greatThe great fault of such a system is that failures of the components are cumulative.
onlyHis only fault was being too clever
commonThe common fault he committed was not doing enough research.
seriousThe serious fault was found in the main circuit.
chiefHer chief fault was procrastination.
majorThe major fault with this plan is that it does not take into account the needs of the people who will be most affected by it.
greatestThe greatest fault is to be conscious of none.
singleThe single fault in the system caused the whole thing to crash.
muchThe teacher found much fault with the essay.
mainThe main fault of his argument was that it relied on anecdotal evidence.
normalThe normal fault is a type of dip-slip fault in which the hanging wall has moved down relative to the footwall.
worstHer worst fault was thinking the best of others.
realThe real fault lies with the lack of communication.
moralThe moral fault of the act did not lie in the intention, but in the consequences.
graveThe grave fault of the teacher cost the education of the students.
grievousThe grievous fault lay with the captain, who had failed to take proper precautions.
basicThe problem lies in the basic fault that the code assumes all the inputs are valid.
groundThe ground fault caused the electrical panel to trip.
principalThe principal fault of the plan is that it ignores the needs of the poor.
actualThe actual fault for the accident lies with the driver.
activeThe San Andreas Fault is an active fault that runs through California.
doubleIn the tense match, the double fault at the crucial moment cost him the victory.
reverseThe reverse fault was caused by the collision of two tectonic plates.
minorThe minor fault in the system was quickly resolved by the technician.
oppositeThe opposite fault is not a virtue.}
leastWith the least fault possible, the woman prepared the dinner.
slightestThe slightest fault in his performance could land him in hot water.
fundamentalThe fundamental fault in our plan was the lack of coordination.
geologicalThe earthquake was caused by a geological fault
lessThe new product has less fault than the previous one.
worseThe worse fault you can commit is to be unfaithful to yourself.
unpardonableThe unpardonable fault has caused irreparable damage to our relationship.
comparativeThe jury found that both drivers were at fault, and apportioned comparative fault 60% to the plaintiff and 40% to the defendant.
slightThe slight fault in the system was causing the program to crash.
electricalAn electrical fault caused the power outage.
technicalThe flight was delayed because of a technical fault
fatalHis fatal fault was his inability to control his temper.
damnI swear it's not my damn fault
obviousThe obvious fault in his plan was that he had not considered the possibility of rain.
contributoryThe contributory fault of the plaintiff limited his recovery.
venialThe venial fault was a minor infraction that did not rise to the level of a mortal sin.
verticalThe vertical fault in the rock is difficult to climb.
lateralThe earthquake caused a lateral fault in the ground.
radicalThe radical fault in her character led to her downfall.
mechanicalThe mechanical fault in the car caused it to break down on the side of the road.
inherentThe inherent fault in the system led to its collapse.
triflingHis trifling fault was insignificant and easily overlooked.
soleThe sole fault of the plan was its reliance on outdated information.
happyDespite the happy fault the day was a success.
glaringThe glaring fault with his plan was that he had not considered the consequences.
frequentThe frequent fault in the system resulted in numerous user complaints.
trendingThe trending fault is most likely due to a faulty sensor.
earthThe earth fault relay tripped, indicating a fault in the electrical system.
apparentThe lab initially admitted to an apparent fault but later denied any wrongdoing.
characteristicHer characteristic fault was that she trusted everyone too much.
intrinsicThe intrinsic fault in the system led to its inevitable failure.
grossThe court found that the employee had committed a gross fault and was therefore not entitled to any severance pay.
trivial"Oh, it was my trivial fault," said the boy, looking at Michael sheepishly.
lineThe crews are patrolling the line fault
alpineThe Alpine fault is a major geological fault line in New Zealand that runs for about 500 kilometres along the South Island's west coast.

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