Adjectives for Favor

Adjectives For Favor

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing favor, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives linked with the noun 'favor' unveils a world of nuanced implications. Describing a favor as 'great' emphasizes its significance, while 'special' suggests it holds unique personal value. A 'divine' favor elevates the concept to celestial favoritism, indicating blessings beyond the mundane. The term 'popular' underscores a favor's general acceptance and approval, contrasting with 'public' favor, which speaks to collective societal endorsement. Meanwhile, 'royal' favor evokes a sense of luxurious privilege granted by monarchy. Each adjective paints the noun 'favor' in distinctly different lights, reflecting a wide spectrum of human experiences and expectations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives enriching the term 'favor' and their intriguing implications below.
greatHer great favor helped me to win the competition.
specialThe judge is going to grant you special favor because he believes in your good heart.
divineThe team played with divine favor and won the championship game
popularThe candidate enjoyed popular favor and was elected by a landslide.
publicThe program enjoys public favor
royalThe king's royal favor extended far and wide.
littleI always try to do a little favor for my neighbors.
highThe performer was held in high favor by the audience.
muchThe proposal found much favor among the city council.
moreHe was given more favor than his brother.
generalThe team's general favor led them to victory.
greaterPlease treat me with greater favor
particularShe received particular favor from the young prince.
imperialThe emperor bestowed imperial favor upon the general for his heroic victory.
considerableThe proposal was met with considerable favor
unmeritedThe unmerited favor he received from the king surprised everyone.
graciousWe thank you for your gracious favor to accept our present.
especialThe athlete trained with especial favor from the coach.
officialThe official favor enables us to do things more easily.
universalThe proposal received universal favor among the members of the committee.
equalHe treated both of his sons with equal favor
highestHe stood in the highest favor with the king.
peculiarThe mayor granted the peculiar favor of allowing the circus to camp in the town square.
immediateThey gave her immediate favor in order to demonstrate their gratitude.
markedHe showed marked favor to the poor.
illThe proposal was met with ill favor by the board members.
continuedI appreciate your continued favor and support.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary favor bestowed upon me is a testament to your generosity.
undeservedThe undeserved favor he received from his boss was a blessing in disguise.
tremendousThe team's tremendous favor with the home crowd helped them clinch the victory.
unusualThe judge showed unusual favor to the defendant.
porNecesito un poco de agua, por favor
presidentialHe sought presidential favor by donating large sums to the party.
unexpectedThe unexpected favor turned out to be a great fortune for him.
distinguishedShe was honored with the distinguished favor of the queen.
leastThe team with the least favor won the game.
instantHe won instant favor with the new boss by arriving early and working late.
widespreadThe plan met with widespread favor
heavenlyWe received heavenly favor and were able to complete the project on time.
governmentalThe company has enjoyed governmental favor for many years.
papalKing Louis XIV used his papal favor to reform the French church.
scantThe request was met with scant favor by the committee.
exceptionalThe teacher showed exceptional favor to the student who always excelled in class.
slightestI appreciated the slightest favor you did for me.
princelyThe prince bestowed his princely favor upon his most loyal subject.
immenseThe project was received with immense favor by the investors.
undueThe judge was accused of showing undue favor to the defendant.
curriedThe politician curried favor with the voters by promising tax cuts and better schools.
supernaturalHer supernatural favor opened every door that was previously closed.

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