Adjectives for Favors

Adjectives For Favors

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing favors, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'favors' carries a multitude of nuances depending on the adjectives used with it. Describing favors as 'special' can imply a sense of uniqueness and personal touch, whereas 'sexual favors' navigate into more intimate and potentially controversial areas. The adjective 'many' highlights generosity or a plethora of kind acts, while 'small' might suggest modesty or minimal assistance. Conversely, 'political favors' delve into the realm of power dynamics and reciprocal relationships within the framework of governance. Each adjective not only modifies the noun but also layers it with distinct emotional and situational connotations, painting a vivid picture of the type of favor being discussed. Explore our full list of adjectives to uncover the rich diversity of meanings 'favors' can embody.
specialJohn was able to avoid a speeding ticket by using his special favors with the police officer.
manyI owe you many favors for helping me with this project.
smallThe small favors you do for others can make a big difference in their lives.
politicalThe politician used his influence to grant political favors to his supporters.
suchShe rarely asked such favors of her father.
personalTom asked me to do him some personal favors
pastShe often held past favors over his head, ensuring his loyalty.
fewI could use a few favors this weekend.
moreI owe her more favors than I can count.
divineI asked the deity for divine favors and my prayers were answered.
futureIt is essential to plan ahead since future favors the prepared.
royalThat was a secret meeting between the two royal families, discussing the upcoming engagement and royal favors that would come along with it.
furtherHe said he could not support her further favors
similarPeople who ask you for similar favors tend to be the same people you do favors for.
spiritualI wish you all the spiritual favors on your journey.
legislativeLobbyists often seek legislative favors in exchange for political favors.
financialThe bank manager was accused of granting financial favors to wealthy clients.
governmentalThe company has been accused of receiving governmental favors in the form of tax breaks and subsidies.
reciprocalWe rely on reciprocal favors to get through the day.
exclusiveThe billionaire's exclusive favors were only accessible to his elite inner circle.
numerousShe has done numerous favors for me in the past.
officialThe politician was accused of trading official favors for campaign contributions.
extraordinaryI am grateful for the extraordinary favors I have received.
disinterestedThe disinterested favors surprised everyone.
commercialThe company has been accused of using its political influence to gain commercial favors
imperialThe emperor bestowed imperial favors upon the loyal citizens.
substantialI am grateful for the many substantial favors you have bestowed upon me.
pettyI can't believe he risked our friendship over such petty favors
innumerableThe king had bestowed upon him innumerable favors
peculiarMy boss often asks me to do peculiar favors that make me wonder if he's lost his mind.
smallestHe appreciated even the smallest favors from his friends.
pecuniaryI have no need of your pecuniary favors
valuableI am grateful for the valuable favors you have bestowed upon me.
lavishThe king showered lavish favors on his loyal subjects.
graciousShe had apparently been expecting gracious favors from the infant Henry.
temporalThe student wrote a letter to the professor, asking for temporal favors
unusualCan you do me some unusual favors this weekend?
occasionalOur small fundraising efforts are supported by occasional favors from local businesses.
especialI hope you will grant me some especial favors
heavenlyI prayed to God for heavenly favors
presidentialThe president offered presidential favors to his loyal supporters.
secretHe did many secret favors for her at work.
unmeritedShe received unmerited favors from her boss.
generousHe generously offered his generous favors to people in need.
undeservedShe suspected the man's sudden kindness was part of his plan for undeserved favors
supernaturalThe medium asked the spirits to bestow supernatural favors upon us.
unexpectedShe appreciated the unexpected favors her friend did for her.
fairyThe fairy favors were hidden in the hollow of the old tree.
choicestThe king bestowed his choicest favors upon the brave knight.
continualHer continual favors brought her nothing but contempt.
undueThe politician was accused of giving undue favors to his campaign contributors.
exceptionalHe showed exceptional favors to his loyal followers.

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