Adjectives for Favour

Adjectives For Favour

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing favour, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a favour can greatly impact the nuance of your sentence. A great favour may imply significant effort or importance, while a royal favour suggests a noble or elite context. A divine favour, on the other hand, elevates the action to a spiritual level, indicating perhaps a blessing or a supernatural endorsement. Then there's a special favour, which adds a personal touch or uniqueness. The term high favour denotes esteem or status, and public favour speaks to widespread approval. Each adjective paints a different picture, highlighting the complexity and richness of language. Discover more intriguing adjectives that pair with 'favour' in our comprehensive list below.
greatThe manager received her great favour with a smile.
royalShe received great royal favour from the king.
divineShe found herself smiling in gratitude for the divine favour that guided her footsteps.
specialThe king granted him special favour in recognition of his loyalty.
highHer latest schedule has earned her high favour with the press.
publicHer husband, instead of rising, was daily losing public favour
popularThe popular favour was with the new leader.
muchThe new policy found much favour with the public.
ownThe boss made a decision in their own favour
littleShe found little favour with the king.
moreShe found more favour in the eyes of the Pharaoh than all the others.
particularHe was given a room in a particular favour
greaterThe new proposal found greater favour with the board members.
imperialThe prince received imperial favour due to his bravery.
especialI was received with especial favour by the king.
greatestThank you for your greatest favour I am eternally grateful.
graciousWe thank you for your gracious favour towards us.
highestThe king looked on him with the highest favour
extraordinaryThe fortuitous timing resulted in an extraordinary favour from the capricious benefactor.
considerableThe project has been received with considerable favour
lessI like this movie less favour than that one.
officialThe official favour was granted to the deserving candidate.
equalThey received equal favour from their friends and family.
markedThe marked favour of the authorities towards the rich was plain for all to see.
exceptionalShe was treated with exceptional favour by the king.
illHis ill favour did not help him find a partner.
unexpectedThe surprising turn of events brought him an unexpected favour
papalCardinal Wolsey fell from papal favour when he failed to secure the annulment of Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon.
partialThe public showed partial favour towards the new policy.
unmeritedThe unmerited favour shown to me by my friends was overwhelming.
princelyThe Queen showed us great princely favour
undeservedShe was shown undeserved favour because she was the boss's niece.
unusualShe has received an unusual favour from the King.
continuedI'm delighted you continued favour me with your company.
immenseThe immense favour he did to us saved us from financial ruin.
slightestHe was not inclined to show him the slightest favour
utmostThe king regarded him with the utmost favour
mightyThe king bestowed his mighty favour upon the loyal knight.
heavenlyHis heavenly favour has always been with him.
ministerialThe new policy would secure his ministerial favour and ensure his political future.
inestimableHer assistance has been of inestimable favour to us.
courtThe lawyer tried every trick in the book to win court favour

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