Adjectives for Favourite

Adjectives For Favourite

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing favourite, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjective paired with 'favourite' can dramatically alter the nuance of what or whom we're expressing preference for. A 'great favourite' conveys a level of excellence and admiration, while a 'general favourite' suggests widespread appeal. An 'old favourite' brings a sense of nostalgia and enduring affection, contrasting with the freshness and excitement encapsulated by a 'new favourite'. The terms 'special favourite' and 'particular favourite' indicate a more intimate, discerning kind of preference, highlighting unique qualities that resonate on a personal level. Each adjective shades 'favourite' with distinct colors of emotion and context, inviting us to explore the depth of our preferences. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'favourite' below.
greatThe teenager was a great favourite with the fans of the team.
generalIt was the general favourite
oldI decided to read my old favourite book again.
specialThat is my special favourite restaurant.
newThis is my new favourite song.
particularOur particular favourite is the crispy fried squid.
especialWe are told that Penang laksa is the especial favourite of Malaysian gourmets
primeHe was the prime favourite to win the election.
popularThe popular favourite won the race in record time.
royalThe royal favourite was a close confidant of the king.
chiefMy chief favourite is his determination to succeed.
greatestMy greatest favourite album is The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
personalMy personal favourite is the one with the red stripes.
greaterMy greater favourite out of the two is the red dress.
formerThe former favourite was now out of the running.
firmWe were having a conversation about our firm favourites.
powerfulIn the election, the incumbent was the powerful favourite
peculiarHe has a peculiar favourite dish, which is porridge with ketchup.
immenseMessi is the immense favourite for this year's Ballon d'Or.
perennialThe book, first published in 1952, remains a perennial favourite with young people.
principalThe principal favourite for the race is a dark horse.
timeHer time favourite hobbies are reading and swimming.
prodigiousThe prodigious favourite managed to pull the weight of the entire team on their shoulders and lead them to victory.
clearHe was the clear favourite to win the race.
fallenThe fallen favourite was once the most popular person in the country.
haughtyThe haughty favourite of the queen was dismissed from court.
celebrated"The celebrated favourite is gone."
disgracedThe disgraced favourite was banished from the kingdom.
unhappyShe was an unhappy favourite and her life ended in tragedy.
worthlessMy worthless favourite keeps asking me for money.
leastMy least favourite vegetable is broccoli.
distinguishedThe athlete is the distinguished favourite to win the race.
latestMy latest favourite book is The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.
acknowledgedThe acknowledged favourite for the championship was disqualified.
mightyThe mighty favourite in the race was a horse named 'Lightning'.
handsomeThe handsome favourite won the race easily.
spoiledThe spoiled favourite was given everything he wanted.
unfortunateThe unfortunate favourite was left out of the team.
declaredShe was the declared favourite to win the tournament.
insolentThe insolent favourite was banished from the court.
imperialThe imperial favourite was granted a palatial mansion.
youthfulHis youthful favourite the poet Aeschylus, was his teacher.
scottishHaggis is a Scottish favourite
worthyThe worthy favourite won the race easily.
proudMy proud favourite is my new telescope.
dutchStroopwafels are a dutch favourite
knownHis known favourite food was pasta.
establishedThe established favourite stumbled at the final hurdle.
omnipotentThe omnipotent favourite was poised to win the race.

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