Adjectives for Favourites

Adjectives For Favourites

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing favourites, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Discovering the perfect adjectives to pair with 'favourites' can significantly enhance your writing or conversations, adding depth and emotion that resonates. Whether it's 'old favourites' that bring a wave of nostalgia; 'great favourites' that stir admiration; 'special favourites' that hold a dear place in our hearts; 'own favourites' that signify personal connection; 'royal favourites' hinting at grandeur; or 'foreign favourites' that introduce an element of intrigue and diversity, each combination unlocks unique nuances. These carefully chosen adjectives define our experiences, relationships, and perceptions, enriching the narrative or dialogue they are part of. Explore the full range of adjectives associated with 'favourites' to uncover the precise expression of your thoughts and feelings.
oldGrandfather used to tell his old favourites folktales
greatThese pens are great favourites in our school.
specialMy special favourites are books and movies.
ownEveryone has their own favourites
royalThe king's royal favourites were granted lavish gifts and titles.
foreignThe restaurant is renowned for its foreign favourites
particularThey had particular favourites among the tea flavours.
greatestHe was one of her greatest favourites
especialApples and oranges are his especial favourites
personalMy personal favourites are swimming and running.
popularThe popular favourites included pizza, pasta, and burgers.
fewI have only a few favourites
chiefThe chief favourites at the beginning of the war, were Major-General Ulysses Simpson Grant and General George Brinton McClellan.
generalThe general favourites had a better chance of winning the race.
primeThe Blues were prime favourites to win the league title that season.
peculiarHis peculiar favourites the paintings he most frequently showed to visitors, did not have a solitary figure in any of them.
dutchDutch favourites showed their appreciation for this forward.
principalThe principal favourites were drawn from the counties of Clare and Galway.
universalVanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies are universal favourites
firmThe firm favourites for the big game are the home team.
femaleThe king had many female favourites
formerI'm not sure what you mean by 'former favourites'. Can you give me an example?
perennialPerennial favourites among visitors include the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe.
timeWhen I get home from school every day, I watch my time favourites
scottishMy Scottish favourites include Irn Bru and shortbread.
germanThe traditional german favourites are very tasty.
hotThe hot favourites for the championship are Arsenal.
italianSpaghetti carbonara is one of the most popular Italian favourites
maleThe king's male favourites were often young, handsome, and ambitious.
profligateThe prince's profligate favourites were a constant drain on the treasury.
featheredThe feathered favourites chirped merrily in the trees.
literaryMy literary favourites include classics and contemporary works.
familiarMy favourite sweet shop sold all my familiar favourites
respectiveThe team shared their respective favourites
topMy top favourites are pizza and ice cream.
imperialThe imperial favourites were celebrated for their beauty, grace, and accomplishments.
flemishThe Flemish favourites are often served with fries and mayonnaise.
successiveThe successive favourites of the king were always younger and blonder.
knownTry our known favourites like chocolate-chip pancakes or a French toast bagel.
distinguishedThe distinguished favourites were easy to spot in the crowd.
rapaciousThe rapacious favourites exploited the king's weakness.
bornAs a result of their great success in the last tournament, they were born favourites
greedyThe greedy favourites hogged all the snacks.
scotchI poured myself a glass of one of my scotch favourites a smoky Islay single malt.
theatricalThe audience went wild for the theatrical favourites
pamperedThe privileged prince and his pampered favourites lived in great luxury.
earliestThe earliest favourites were the Ancient Romans and the Persians.
courtThe court favourites surrounded the king, eager to curry his favour.
unpopularDespite being unpopular favourites the fringe of hair worked with his outfit.
rivalThe two rival favourites were neck and neck in the polls.
alienThe alien favourites tried to take over the world.

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