Adjectives for Fax

Adjectives For Fax

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fax, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the digital age, the term fax carries nuances that vary significantly with the adjectives it's paired with. A free fax service suggests accessibility and cost-effectiveness, appealing to budget-conscious businesses and individuals. An email fax merges traditional communication with modern convenience, exemplifying how technology can streamline old processes. The adjective day might reference time-sensitive transmissions, highlighting the fax's role in urgent communications. Page brings to mind the physicality of the document, a nod to the tangibility in an increasingly paperless world. Negligible and local further color the context, hinting at the minimal cost or the geographical specificity of the service. For a deeper dive into how each adjective uniquely influences the perception of fax, explore the full list below.
freeI sent a free fax to my client yesterday.
emailI need to email fax the documents now.
dayThe day fax machine is not working.
negligibleThe negligible fax was discarded due to its lack of importance.
localI sent them a local fax so they could have my information right away.
privateI'm sorry, but I can't fax that for you. Sending private faxes is not something I'm able to do.
secureWe offer secure faxing services for all your confidential documents.
212I sent the 212 fax to the wrong person.
secondPlease send a second fax to the office.
directI sent you a direct fax with the details.
plainMy message was sent via plain fax
latestReach out and get the latest fax from the server to see what's up.
650I sent over the 650 fax to the client.
personalHe used his personal fax machine to send a document to his boss.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory fax was received without any issues.
mailCan you please mail fax this important document?
portableThe portable fax machine is ideal for people who need to send and receive faxes on the go.
deskI sent the desk fax to my colleague.
617I sent a 617 fax yesterday.
internationalI sent an international fax to my colleague in Japan.
internetThe team exchanged documents securely with internet fax ensuring privacy and confidentiality.
colHe owed me some col fax but he did not pay me.
mobileRemote workers can send a mobile fax through the internet using their laptop or even a smartphone.
originalPlease send me the original fax
suiteI sent the proposal by suite fax
outgoingThe outgoing fax was sent late in the evening.
basedBased fax and you should accept it.
modemThe modem fax machine allowed us to send both data and images over the phone line.
fanThe fan fax provided a wealth of information about the team's upcoming season.
andPlease send the document to me via email and fax
digitalPlease send the document to the digital fax number provided.
briefPlease send me a brief fax about the meeting.
handwrittenI received a handwritten fax from my grandmother.
paperPlease send the paper fax to the office.
dailyPlease send the daily fax to the accounting department.
203I received a 203 fax message.
unsolicitedI received an unsolicited fax from a company advertising their products.
electronicShe did not want to send an electronic fax she wanted a physical copy.
corporatePlease send the document to the corporate fax number.
sureI sent it over by sure fax
correctCould you please re-send the correct fax?
occasionalThe company has a dedicated phone line and an occasional fax number for customer service.
clickPlease add the fax number and email address to the click fax
encryptedI need to send this document via encrypted fax
addedThe upgrade added fax capabilities to her office computer.
remoteThe remote fax machine transmitted the document without any problems.
willingPlease send a willing fax as soon as possible.
lengthyShe received the lengthy fax over the whirring modem.
weeklyI need to send a weekly fax to my boss.
computerI'm sorry, I don't have any examples of sentences with "computer fax".
speedPlease send me the latest monthly financial statements using the speed fax machine.
confidential"Please send the confidential fax to the accounting department."

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