Adjectives for Fcc

Adjectives For Fcc

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fcc, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plays a pivotal role in the regulation of telecommunication and broadcasting. The adjectives used alongside 'FCC' - such as new, ncca, cleaved, large, and noncleaved - highlight various aspects and dimensions of its activities and statuses. For instance, 'new FCC regulations' might imply recent changes affecting the industry, whereas 'large FCC' could refer to its vast authority or scope. The terms 'cleaved' and 'noncleaved' could hint at specific, technical classifications within FCC directives or rulings. Each adjective paints a unique facet of the FCC, revealing the complexities and nuances of its influence and operations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives describing the FCC and their contextual sentences below.
newThe new fcc is now available.
cleavedThe cleaved fcc structure has a lower surface energy than the bulk fcc structure.
largeThe large fcc structure has a high packing efficiency.
noncleavedThe noncleaved fcc matrix contained 0.61 wt% nitrogen.
fullThe crystal structure of this material is full fcc
europeanCompetition in the European fcc market is fierce.
conventionalThe conventional fcc lattice parameter for this composition is 3.980 angstroms.
smallThe small fcc lattice has a coordination number of 12.
nonThe crystal structure is non fcc
postThe post fcc was a great success.
pureThe crystal structure of this material is pure fcc
presentThe crystal structure of gold is present fcc
currentThe current fcc has been consistent.
earlyThe researchers found that early fcc will reduce the proliferation of non-spherical particles.
metastableThe metastable fcc phase of the material was obtained by rapid quenching.
commercialThe commercial fcc has been a great success.
packed"I am giving you a packed fcc crystal structure"
disorderedThe disordered fcc structure is characterized by a high degree of local order and a low degree of long-range order.
antiThe anti fcc ligand is a type of ligand that binds to a metal ion in a way that prevents the formation of a face-centered cubic (fcc) crystal structure.
independentThe fcc geometry of the silicon lattice on the reconstructed Au(111) surface suggests an independent fcc gold growth.
thenThe two components were blended then fcc
equalThe crystal structure of gold is equal fcc
functionalThe material has a functional fcc structure.
freshThe fresh fcc was delivered in time for the party.
propro fcc is an abbreviation for pro-Federal Communications Commission
ledOchiai led fcc in both triples and home runs.
typicalalpha iron has a typical fcc crystal structure
normalCarbon steel is normal fcc
strongThe strong fcc material is resistant to deformation.
standardThis material has a standard fcc crystal structure.
memberThe member fcc of the commission was in charge of the investigation.
fixedThe fixed fcc parameter is essential.
furtherThe further fcc has a lower thermal stability due to reduced activation energy.
appointedThe company announced a newly appointed fcc

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