Adjectives for Feat

Adjectives For Feat

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing feat, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'feat' drastically alters its perception and highlights the intensity and impressiveness of an accomplishment. The word 'impossible' suggests a challenge that defies all odds, making any success exceedingly noteworthy. 'Remarkable' emphasizes the extraordinary nature of the feat, setting it apart from the mundane. 'Great' conveys a sense of scale and impact, implying that the achievement is not only significant but also beneficial. 'Mean' provides a flavor of toughness or unpleasantness associated with the effort required, while 'difficult' underlines the complexity and effort needed to achieve the feat. 'Such' serves as a wildcard, often used to amplify adjectives that follow it, magnifying their impact. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'feat' and discover how each shades the meaning differently.
impossibleThe impossible feat was accomplished through sheer determination.
remarkableThe gymnast's remarkable feat left the audience in awe.
greatThe mission to put a man on the moon was a great feat of human endurance and ingenuity.
meanOrganizing the entire house was a mean feat but I managed to do it.
difficultCompleting the marathon was a difficult feat
suchAchieving such feat is an honor.
smallI was able to get all the laundry done by myself, no small feat for a three-year-old.
extraordinaryThe gymnast performed an extraordinary feat of strength and agility.
amazingThe trapeze artist executed an amazing feat without a net.
easyIt was an easy feat to accomplish the task.
greatestThe greatest feat of engineering in the world is the Panama Canal.
wonderfulThe athlete achieved a wonderful feat by breaking the world record.
daringThe skydiver's daring feat thrilled the crowd below.
brilliantThe athlete's brilliant feat left spectators in awe.
incredibleHe accomplished an incredible feat of strength by lifting a thousand pounds.
astonishingThe team's astonishing feat will be remembered for years to come.
impressiveThe child's ability to memorize all 50 state capitals was an impressive feat
heroicHe performed a heroic feat by saving the drowning child from the river.
considerableThe construction worker accomplished a considerable feat by erecting the massive skyscraper.
rareWinning three consecutive championships is a rare feat
similarShe pulled off a similar feat in the summer of 2019.
majorThe completion of the project was a major feat of engineering.
intellectualThe scientist's intellectual feat was recognized with a prestigious award.
prodigiousThe scientists accomplished a prodigious feat by discovering the long-lost city of Atlantis.
notableThe team's notable feat was their undefeated season.
technicalThe new bridge is a remarkable technical feat
acrobaticThe acrobat performed an incredible acrobatic feat during the show.
tremendousThe surgeon's ability to separate the conjoined twins was a tremendous feat of medical skill.
unusualThe scientist had accomplished an unusual feat in developing a new medical technology.
marvellousThe restoration of the painting was a marvellous feat of art conservation.
spectacularThe gymnast performed a spectacular feat on the uneven bars.
militaryThe military feat astounded the nation.
astoundingThe team's astounding feat amazed everyone.
magnificentThe gymnast's magnificent feat left the audience in awe.
simpleLearning a new language seemed like a simple feat
unprecedentedThe team's victory was an unprecedented feat that had never been achieved before.
miraculousThe miraculous feat left everyone in awe.
gallantThe knight's gallant feat saved the princess from the dragon.
outstandingThe astronaut's outstanding feat inspired a generation of scientists.
dangerousThe daredevil performed a dangerous feat by tight-rope walking across the canyon.
fineThe athlete's fine feat was a testament to their dedication and hard work.
athleticThe gymnast's athletic feat on the uneven bars was remarkable.
marvelousThe marvelous feat of engineering was a testament to the ingenuity of the human mind.
technologicalThe new smartphone's camera is a technological feat
gymnasticGymnasts performed a gymnastic feat with grace and precision.
uniqueTheir unique feat was in being the first musicians to incorporate a synthesised sound in a live orchestra.
literaryThe author's newest book is a literary feat that has captured the imaginations of readers worldwide.
splendidThe actor's splendid feat left the audience spellbound.
stupendousThe astronauts managed to pull off a stupendous feat by rescuing the stranded satellite.
latterHis latter feat of strength was lifting the heavy barbell with ease.
herculeanThe climber had to undertake a herculean feat to climb the sheer rock face.
gloriousThe glorious feat of the soldiers was celebrated with a parade.
superhumanThe superhuman feat of lifting a 1000-pound weight was accomplished by the strongman.
famousThe gymnast's famous feat was the triple backflip.
surprisingThe team's surprising feat left the crowd in awe.
unparalleledWith unparalleled feat the climber ascended the sheer face of the mountain.
singularThe singular feat of strength was impressive.
architecturalThe Eiffel Tower is an architectural feat that has stood tall for over a century.
terribleThe terrible feat of crossing the chasm was met with a sense of relief.
boldThe climber's bold feat left us all in awe.
memorableHer memorable feat of saving the drowning child earned her a medal.
grandThe grand feat of engineering left visitors in awe.
mightyThe adventurer accomplished the mighty feat of slaying the dragon, a triumph celebrated across the realm.
magicalThe magician performed a magical feat making the rabbit vanish before their eyes.
monumentalThe construction of the Great Wall of China was a monumental feat of engineering.
perilousThe climbers completed the perilous feat without incident.
historicReaching the top of Mount Everest was a historic feat
nobleSuch a noble feat won him an instant celebrity status.
hazardousThe stuntman completed the hazardous feat with aplomb.
exceptionalThe team's victory was an exceptional feat that will be remembered for years to come.
fantasticThe gymnast performed a fantastic feat on the uneven bars.
cleverHer clever feat was sewing a beautiful quilt without a pattern.
diplomaticThe historic diplomatic feat brought about a lasting peace in the region.
epicThe hero's epic feat inspired generations to come.
supremeThe supreme feat required years of arduous training and unwavering dedication.
admirableElon Musk's successful landing of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was an admirable feat

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