Adjectives for Feedback

Adjectives For Feedback

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing feedback, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Feedback, a powerful tool for growth, can be transformed dramatically by the adjectives that precede it. Positive feedback often boosts confidence, while negative feedback can either discourage or motivate, depending on its delivery. The timing is critical too; immediate feedback allows for quick adjustments, enhancing the learning process. Not all feedback is verbal; visual and sensory feedback engage different aspects of our perception, enriching the experience. Above all, constructive feedback bridges the gap between where we are and where we aspire to be. Each adjective not only colors but shapes the impact of feedback. Discover how adjectives transform feedback into a multifaceted tool for improvement in our full list below.
positiveThe positive feedback he received encouraged him to work even harder.
negativeAshley's body cooled down due to negative feedback after exercising.
immediateThe survey provides immediate feedback upon completion.
visualThe visual feedback provided by the system helped the user to navigate through the complex interface.
sensoryThe therapist used sensory feedback to help the patient regain their sense of balance.
constructiveThe HR department provided constructive feedback to the employees during their performance reviews.
correctiveThe corrective feedback helped me to improve my understanding of the topic.
directI received direct feedback from my manager on my performance.
auditoryThe auditory feedback from the system was surprisingly clear.
valuableThat was valuable feedback
usefulThe professor provided useful feedback on my essay.
continuousThe team was able to improve quickly due to the continuous feedback they received.
verbalThe professor provided verbal feedback to the students on their presentations.
specificThe professor provided specific feedback on the student's essay.
honestI appreciate your honest feedback on my writing.
criticalThe coach provided critical feedback to the team after the game.
regularRegular feedback is essential for professional growth.
appropriateThe teacher provided appropriate feedback to the students on their assignments.
constantThe team worked through the setbacks with constant feedback
currentThe current feedback circuit improved the system's stability.
effectiveStudents require effective feedback on assessments to accelerate their learning.
instantShe immediately gave me instant feedback on my project.
externalThe student's writing improved substantially after receiving external feedback
proprioceptiveThe proprioceptive feedback from his fingers allowed him to manipulate the object with precision.
helpfulI appreciate the helpful feedback and will take it into consideration.
internalThe team received internal feedback regarding their performance.
frequentFrequent feedback allows teachers and students assess progress and make necessary adjustments.
timelyThe timely feedback from the manager helped the team improve their performance.
opticalThe optical feedback from the laser diode was used to stabilize the frequency.
accurateThe correct responses and detailed feedback given after the assessments provide students accurate feedback on their performance.
rapidThe prompt engineering team received rapid feedback from users on the new search interface.
tactileThe device provided tactile feedback every time a button was pressed.
ongoingThe team received ongoing feedback on their performance throughout the project.
evaluativeHer evaluative feedback helped me to improve my performance.
degreeThe professor provided the students with degree feedback on their performance.
delayedThe delayed feedback on the project made it difficult to track progress accurately.
detailedI'm looking for detailed feedback
falseThe company's stock price surged after false feedback about a promising new product.
informalThe survey results provided valuable informal feedback
clearThe team received clear feedback on their performance.
adequateThe team lead provided adequate feedback to the junior team members.
hapticThe controller provided haptic feedback during gameplay.
quickMy boss gives me quick feedback on my work.
objectiveThe objective feedback provided valuable insights for improvement.
meaningfulMeaningful feedback is crucial for personal and professional growth.
kinestheticThe dancer's graceful movements demonstrated her profound kinesthetic feedback
acousticThe screeching noise from the microphone was due to acoustic feedback
invaluableHer invaluable feedback helped me improve my writing skills.
timeI'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by 'time feedback'.
necessaryReceiving necessary feedback is key to improving oneself.
promptWe appreciate your prompt feedback
formativeThe student received formative feedback on their essay.
explicitThe explicit feedback provided by the teacher helped the students improve their writing skills.
continualManagement provided continual feedback during the training exercise.
relevantWe appreciate your relevant feedback regarding our product's performance and will work to address your concerns in future updates.
informativeThe informative feedback helped me understand the problem better.
loopLoop feedback refers to an input/output system in which part of the output is fed back as input to the system.
supportiveI appreciate your supportive feedback it really helps me to improve.
regenerativeThe regenerative feedback within the system ensures stability and robustness.
dynamicThe researchers developed a new dynamic feedback control system for the robotic arm.
linearThe linear feedback system provided stable control over the process.
informationalThe student received timely and constructive informational feedback from the instructor.
instantaneousThe professor provided instantaneous feedback on the students' essays.
consistentStudents thrive in learning environments that provide consistent feedback
basedWe appreciate your based feedback
peripheralThe peripheral feedback from the joystick gave the pilot a sense of control.
audioThe audio feedback helped her to improve her pronunciation.
enoughThe students had enough feedback to improve their writing skills.
interpersonalThe interpersonal feedback provided by the coach helped the player improve his performance.
tubuloglomerularTubuloglomerular feedback is a process that regulates the glomerular filtration rate in the kidneys.
variableThe team received variable feedback from the reviewers.
nonlinearNonlinear feedback can help stabilize unstable systems.
mutualThe mutual feedback between the two systems ensured that they were always operating at peak efficiency.
intrinsicThe intrinsic feedback of the system quickly brought it to a stable state.

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