Adjectives for Feeling

Adjectives For Feeling

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing feeling, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'feeling' can be modified by a myriad of adjectives, each adding its unique hue to its meaning. A 'strong feeling' conveys intensity and passion, while a 'good feeling' spreads positivity and comfort. 'General feeling' broadens its scope, implying a shared sentiment, whereas 'religious feeling' dives into the profound depths of faith and spirituality. The adjective 'deep' emphasizes the complexity and profoundness, whereas 'ill feeling' hints at negativity and discomfort. Each adjective not only describes the type of feeling but also sets the tone and context in which it is experienced, illustrating the power of language to shape our perception of emotions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'feeling' below.
strongHer strong feeling of love for her family kept her going through difficult times.
goodThis is a good feeling
generalThe general feeling among the group was one of optimism.
religiousThe religious feeling pervaded the whole assembly, creating a sense of awe and reverence.
illHe left the meeting with an ill feeling about the outcome.
nationalShe has a strong national feeling
strangeI had a strange feeling that something was wrong.
popularThe popular feeling was one of relief that the danger had passed.
publicPublic feeling was running high.
personalShe shared her personal feelings about the situation.
badI had a bad feeling about the meeting.
fellowThe fellow feeling between them was unmistakable.
intenseHer intense feeling of guilt overwhelmed her.
uneasyI felt an uneasy feeling when I saw him staring.
muchI poured my heart and soul into every brushstroke, infusing the canvas with so much feeling that it seemed to weep with emotion.
warmThe warm feeling of sunlight on my skin made me smile.
vagueA vague feeling of unease crept up on her.
moralThe child showed a strong moral feeling by admitting to the mistake.
trueExpressing your true feelings can be liberating and empowering.
uncomfortableThe uncomfortable feeling in his stomach made him want to leave the party.
friendlyMy friend's warm smile gave me a friendly feeling
bitterShe couldn't shake the bitter feeling that she had been betrayed.
pleasantThe aromas of flowers and herbs sent out a pleasant feeling
wonderfulIt was a wonderful feeling to finally achieve my goal.
widespreadThere is a widespread feeling of discontent among the workers.
subjectiveI have a subjective feeling that I will fail the exam.
sickThe sick feeling in her stomach made her want to vomit.
positiveHer positive feeling was contagious.
instinctiveShe had an instinctive feeling that something was wrong.
unpleasantThe unpleasant feeling that something wasn't right gnawed at her as she left the house.
suddenA sudden feeling overcame her as she realized she was forgotten.
patrioticThe patriotic feeling in the crowd was palpable as the national anthem swelled.
distinctThe room carried a distinct feeling of melancholy.
funnyI have a funny feeling that something good is going to happen.
innerHer inner feeling of sadness made her cry.
mereMere feeling is not enough to make a decision.
painfulThe painful feeling in her chest kept her up all night.
oddI got an odd feeling about this.
peculiarHer peculiar feeling made her wary of the stranger.
curiousI had a curious feeling that something was amiss.
terribleThe terrible feeling of emptiness gnawed at her soul.
profoundThe artist's words had a profound feeling that resonated with his audience.
eerieAn eerie feeling crept up her spine as she walked through the darkened forest.
queerI had a queer feeling that something was amiss.
comfortableThe comfortable feeling of a warm bath washed over me.
slightShe had a slight feeling of trepidation as she approached the podium.
universalLaughter is a universal feeling that connects humanity.
emotionalHer emotional feeling was as if she had lost everything.
pureHer pure feeling emanated from her very soul.
hostileThe hostile feeling between the two countries made it difficult to find a peaceful solution.
emptyThe room was devoid of life, leaving an empty feeling within her.
deeperHer words carried a deeper feeling stirring emotions long buried.
awfulI have an awful feeling that something bad is going to happen.
overwhelmingAn overwhelming feeling of joy washed over her as she looked at her newborn child.
intuitiveI had an intuitive feeling that something was wrong.
aestheticThe soft breeze carried the scent of blooming flowers, invoking an aesthetic feeling of tranquility.
niceIt was a nice feeling to finally achieve my goal.
horribleThe horrible feeling of inadequacy gnawed at her mind.

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