Adjectives for Feelings

Adjectives For Feelings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing feelings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the landscape of feelings through adjectives reveals a world rich in emotional diversity. Adjectives like own, such, strong, negative, and mixed showcase the profound nuances and layers our feelings can embody. Whether we're talking about the empowering sense of ownership in our personal emotions or navigating through the complexities of mixed emotions, each adjective adds a unique shade to the narrative of our inner worlds. These descriptive words not only help us communicate more effectively but also understand the multifaceted nature of our emotional experiences. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with feelings to embrace the full depth of human emotion.
ownDo not let someone who does not love you control your own feelings
suchAll of these feelings were such feelings
strongShe felt strong feelings for her childhood friend.
negativeThe negative feelings were overwhelming me.
mixedShe had mixed feelings about the news.
personalShe kept her personal feelings to herself.
positiveHer positive feelings radiated throughout the room.
trueI need to talk to you about my true feelings
religiousI have very strong religious feelings and I believe deeply in my faith.
realIt's hard to express real feelings in a world that values perfection.
hardThere are no hard feelings between us, right?
innerHer inner feelings were expressed through her art.
angryHer angry feelings toward him bubbled over.
ambivalentThe announcement of the new policy left me with ambivalent feelings
moralMy moral feelings don't allow me to do that.
similarI had similar feelings about the matter.
painfulThe painful feelings lingered in her heart like a persistent ache.
subjectiveHer subjective feelings about the situation were difficult to ignore.
warmThe warm feelings made their way through his body, bringing a smile to his face.
bitterThey parted ways with bitter feelings
emotionalShe was overwhelmed by emotional feelings
friendlyI cherish the friendly feelings that we share.
illDespite their ill feelings they managed to work together.
betterI'm experiencing better feelings today.
unpleasantHe recalled his unpleasant feelings about that day.
patrioticHer patriotic feelings surged as she watched the flag being raised.
mingledHer departure stirred mingled feelings in her friends: sorrow and relief.
finerHer finer feelings were hurt by his insensitive remarks.
uncomfortableThe uncomfortable feelings washed over me like a wave.
genuineHer genuine feelings were evident in her eyes.
strangeI had strange feelings about the upcoming journey.
unconsciousThe patient was experiencing unconscious feelings of guilt and shame.
vagueI had vague feelings about the situation, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what they were.
conflictingShe had conflicting feelings about her new job.
contradictoryI had contradictory feelings about the matter.
generousHer generous feelings were always evident.
maternalThe child awoke maternal feelings in the woman.
kindlyWe shared our experiences and developed kindly feelings towards each other.
unresolvedShe carried the weight of unresolved feelings in her heart.
violentShe was overwhelmed by violent feelings of anger and hatred.
strongerTime and distance can only make stronger feelings
sadHer sad feelings washed over her like a wave.
excitedHer laughter bubbled over with excited feelings
nationalisticThe patriotic rally ignited nationalistic feelings in the crowd.
overwhelmingHer overwhelming feelings of joy brought tears to her eyes.
sensitiveHe has sensitive feelings so be careful what you say.
anxiousHer anxious feelings made her stomach knot up.

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