Adjectives for Fees

Adjectives For Fees

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fees, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'fees' can significantly impact the perceived value or burden they represent. For instance, 'legal fees' may imply necessary payments with a professional value, while 'high fees' hint at the potential for excessive costs. Descriptors like 'annual' and 'mandatory' bring to light the regularity and inevitability of these payments. Each adjective, from 'higher' to 'such', casts these fees in a different light, influencing the reader's understanding and emotional response. The nuances these adjectives add serve as a critical tool in effective communication. Explore our full list of adjectives commonly paired with 'fees' to see the diverse implications they carry.
legalThe legal fees for the case were exorbitant.
highThe lawyer's high fees prevented me from seeking legal advice.
suchSuch fees can be difficult to spot, even with a magnifying glass.
higherThe university announced higher fees for the next academic year.
annualThe annual fees for the membership are nonrefundable.
mandatoryMandatory fees are required to be paid in order to participate in certain activities.
additionalCertain actions may trigger additional fees which will be deducted from your account.
professionalThe company must pay professional fees to the lawyer.
reasonableHiring a lawyer with reasonable fees is important.
monthlyI pay my monthly fees on time.
certainThere are certain fees associated with the account.
exorbitantThe lawyer charged exorbitant fees to his clients.
lowWe offer low fees and flexible repayment options.
specialWe should pay special fees for this service.
overdueThe overdue fees for the books have accumulated to a significant amount.
medicalThe patient was unable to pay the medical fees
excessiveThe excessive fees were a major concern for the customers.
extraIf you choose to cancel your subscription, there may be extra fees
lateCustomers who fail to pay their bills on time will be charged late fees
usualThe usual fees are not applicable in this case.
totalWe did not charge any total fees for the consultation.
substantialThe lawyer charged substantial fees for his services.
nominalThere are nominal fees associated with the account.
greenGolfers were pleased about the low green fees at the local course.
relatedAnnual percentage rates and related fees apply.
followingThe following fees are applicable to all customers.
appropriateThe company charges appropriate fees for its services.
rentalThe rental fees for the apartment are due on the first of every month.
regularI paid the regular fees for the service.
heavyThe company imposed heavy fees on its customers for late payments.
modestThe company's services are available at modest fees
customaryCustomary fees usually include commissions and other fees charged by a real estate broker.
fixedLegal advice is often offered to clients on a fixed fees or hourly basis.
moderateThey charged moderate fees for their services.
hugeThe company was forced to pay huge fees to settle the lawsuit.
reducedThe family qualified for reduced fees at the local pool.
necessaryCompletion of the registration process requires payment of the necessary fees
initialThe lender charges substantial initial fees
enormousThe university's enormous fees made it impossible for many students to attend.
flatThe accountant charges flat fees for his tax preparation services.
consularThe consular fees for a visa application are $160.
illegalThe company was fined for charging illegal fees
technicalThe technical fees associated with the project were significant.
standardThe standard fees for the service are $50 per hour.
referralLegal professionals may receive referral fees for recommending clients to other lawyers or firms.
officialThe official fees for the event were reasonable.
hourlyMy attorney charged me $200 in hourly fees
miscellaneousThe restaurant added miscellaneous fees after we ordered.
frontThe buy-in, or front fees paid at the beginning of the game is a required cost.
minimumThe minimum fees for the service have recently been revised.
courtThe court fees for filing a divorce are $150.
prescribedThe lawyer charged the client the prescribed fees
fatThe lawyer charged fat fees for his services.
highestThe law firm charges the highest fees in the city.
heftyThe attendees were surprised by the hefty fees for the conference.
doubleWe will have to pay double fees if we miss the deadline.
conditionalThe law firm managed to attain a settlement in the case on the basis of conditional fees
exactI'm sorry, I cannot find any exact fees in the context.
expertThe expert fees were surprisingly low.
schoolThe school fees are due at the end of each month.
physicianPhysician fees are a significant part of healthcare costs.
unpaidThe school threatened to dismiss the student over unpaid fees
handsomeHe earned handsome fees from his work as a consultant.
witnessThe lawyer paid witness fees for all the witnesses who testified in the case.
patientThe hospital increased patient fees by 10% this year.
statutoryThe statutory fees for filing a trademark application are $250.
minimalI can offer you a financial product with minimal fees
incidentalThe university imposed several incidental fees including a student activity fee and a technology fee.

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