Adjectives for Feet

Adjectives For Feet

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing feet, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'feet' can significantly alter the perception and understanding of the subject in question. Terms like 'few' and 'several' quantify, adding a sense of number or scarcity, while 'square' and 'cubic' introduce dimensions, offering a glimpse into the size or volume. Descriptions such as 'bare' delve into the condition or state, providing a sensory or emotional connection. Moreover, 'own' adds a possessive touch, personalizing the subject matter. Each adjective brings its own nuance, enriching the context and enhancing the imagery or factual clarity in communication. Dive deeper into the language and explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'feet' below.
fewThe cat is just a few feet away from the mouse.
squareThe house has 2,000 square feet of living space.
cubicThe cargo space of the van was 100 cubic feet
severalThe water was several feet deep.
ownHe stands on his own feet
coldSarah got cold feet when she realized she wasn't ready for the commitment.
acreThe water district has allocated 200,000 acre feet of water to farmers this year.
frontThe dog wagged its front feet happily.
bigThe giant had big feet that could crush a car.
flatThe doctor diagnosed the patient with flat feet
tinyThe tiny feet of the newborn were so delicate and perfect.
oneWhen he walked, he was one feet off the ground.
lotusShe has bound feet, which are small and called 'lotus feet'.
linearI need 10 linear feet of wood for this project.
webbedThe water bird used its webbed feet to propel itself through the water.
heavyThe hiker struggled on with heavy feet the long trek weighing on his body.
wearyHe slumped onto the bench, his weary feet aching.
halfThe water was only a half feet deep.
tiredI finally collapsed on my bed, my tired feet aching from the long walk home.
boundThe tradition of bound feet was once a cruel practice in some cultures.
bootedShe kicked off her muddy, booted feet and stretched out on the grass.
shodThe horse's shod feet clattered on the pavement.
holyThe holy feet touched the ground and brought forth a miracle.
verticalThe hiker gained 1,000 vertical feet during the ascent.
sixThe distance between the bed and the window was six feet
hindThe deer hopped around on its hind feet
topThe horse galloped towards the finish line at top feet
fiveThe boy is five feet tall.
swollenI woke up this morning with swollen feet
swiftThe horse galloped away with its swift feet
blisteredDespite his blistered feet he continued to march on.
sandaledThe barefooted hiker left sandaled feet in the damp beach sand.
superficialThe superficial feet of the wound were very minor.
linealThe distance was measured in lineal feet
nimbleThe ballerina's nimble feet danced across the stage.
delicateThe ballerina pirouetted gracefully on her delicate feet
wingedThe young woman's winged feet barely touched the ground.
metricalThe poet meticulously counted the metrical feet in each line of the sonnet.
muddyMy dog left muddy feet on the carpet.
slenderThe gazelle's slender feet carried it swiftly across the vast savanna.
sandalledThe young women paraded past with their sandalled feet
bottomThe baby elephant kicked its bottom feet in the air.
poundThe car's torque is rated at 200 pound feet
silentThe thief crept through the shadows with silent feet
leadenMy leaden feet pushed through the mud.

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