Adjectives for Female

Adjectives For Female

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing female, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the noun 'female' can significantly alter the meaning and perspective of a sentence. Words like 'young' and 'old' highlight age differences, while 'human' emphasizes species, and 'white' points to racial identity. 'Single' reveals marital status, creating a nuanced depiction of individuals. Each adjective brings its layers of meaning, painting a more vivid picture of the subject. These descriptors serve not just as linguistic choices but also as cultural commentary, subtly reflecting societal attitudes and biases. Dive into the full list of adjectives that capture the diverse and rich experiences of being female.
oldThe old female dog barked at the mailman.
youngThe young female was very excited about her new job.
humanThe human female walked down the street.
whiteThe white female stepped outside to get some fresh air.
singleThe single female was looking for a partner.
adultThe adult female tested positive for COVID-19.
blackThe black female in the room was a tall, powerful woman.
normalThe normal female body temperature is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
pregnantThe pregnant female was rushed to the hospital.
americanThe american female is beautiful.
matureThe mature female fox was a cunning and experienced hunter.
averageThe average female height is 5'4".
elderlyThe elderly female had lived in the neighborhood for over 50 years.
adolescentThe adolescent female was excited to start her new job.
beautifulThe beautiful female model graced the cover of the magazine.
agedThe aged female was sitting on a bench in the park.
gravidThe gravid female turtle slowly lumbered towards the beach.
immatureThe immature female complained loudly about the situation.
attractiveThe attractive female walked into the room and all eyes were on her.
unmarriedSarah is an unmarried female with no living relatives.
dominantThe dominant female in the group led the others to a new hunting ground.
olderThe older female customer ordered a coffee.
healthyThe healthy female was able to live an active life.
ovigerousThe ovigerous female attaches her eggs to the dorsal surface of the abdomen.
africanThe beautiful African female smiled warmly.
typicalTypical female clothing includes dresses, skirts, and blouses.
eyedThe eyed female sat on the park bench.
caucasianThe Caucasian female smiled at me.
yearThe year female students began attending the university was 1910.
helplessThe helpless female was unable to escape her captor.
geneticThe genetic female is the individual who possesses the genetic characteristics of a female.
passiveThe passive female was always at the mercy of her master.
fertileThe fertile female has a high chance of getting pregnant.
viviparousWe studied the effect of temperature on growth during the juvenile phase in four viviparous female snakes.
delicateThe delicate female took a sip of tea.
youngerI saw a younger female walk past.
heterozygousThe heterozygous female had two different alleles for the same gene.
loneShe was the lone female in a sea of men.
genderedShe is a gendered female
largestShe was the largest female member of the group.
wingedThe graceful winged female danced through the air.
marriedThe married female was a lawyer.
juvenileThe juvenile female was taken into custody by the police.
tallThe tall female quickly ran down the hall towards the fire alarm.
yearoldI have a 2 yearold female poodle
solitaryThe solitary female sat alone by the window.
phenotypicShe is a phenotypic female
unfortunateThe unfortunate female was left alone to face her fate.
oldestThe oldest female member of the tribe was honored with a special ceremony.
idealThe ideal female is one who is confident, compassionate, and intelligent.
obeseThe obese female struggled to catch her breath.
affectedThe affected female was found unconscious.
hispanicShe's a hispanic female
hystericalThe hysterical female ranted and raved about nothing.
nonpregnantThe nonpregnant female control group was assigned to receive normal saline.
unknownThe unknown female walked into the room.
ripeThe ripe female banana was perfect for the fruit salad.
classThe class female includes all members of the female sex.
respectableThe respectable female paused to contemplate the meaning of life.
mysteriousThe mysterious female vanished without a trace, leaving behind only a trail of unanswered questions.
asianThe Asian female was wearing a beautiful dress.
lovelyThe lovely female smiled at me.

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