Adjectives for Females

Adjectives For Females

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing females, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe females can significantly impact the perception of your writing or message. Whether you're highlighting the vibrant energy of young females in a narrative, discussing issues specifically relevant to black or white females in a sociological study, or focusing on the transitions and challenges faced by adolescent females, each adjective brings its own color and nuance. Describing adult females may convey maturity and experience, offering a different perspective. The words we select contribute to the richness and depth of our discussions, underscoring the diverse experiences and identities among females. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover more ways to articulate these varied experiences.
youngThe young females were excited to start their new adventure.
whiteThere were many white females in the room.
blackBlack females play an important role in our society.
adultMany adult females struggle with stress and anxiety.
moreThere are more females in the class than males.
adolescentThe adolescent females were given a survey about their health.
pregnantThe pregnant females were given special care.
severalSeveral females were chatting in the living room last night.
mostMost females in my country prefer to wear modest clothing.
matureThe mature females of the species were responsible for raising the young.
gravidGravid females have a greater need for nutrients.
unmarriedThe event was restricted to unmarried females
singleThe company provides housing for single females
elderlyThe elderly females gathered in the park for a picnic.
youngerThe younger females preferred to shop at the new clothing store.
agedThere were several aged females at the nursing home.
heterozygousThe heterozygous females were crossed with homozygous males.
affectedThere are no affected females in this family.
receptiveThe receptive females were drawn to the dominant males.
africanYoung african females gathered in a village in southern Kenya.
fertileThe efforts to study the lifespans of fertile females were overshadowed by those focused on males.
healthyThere are healthy females that participate in sports.
activeActive females are often found engaging in sports and outdoor activities.
geneticGenetic females tend to have XX chromosomes.
winglessThe wingless females of the species were unable to fly.
juvenileThere were juvenile females of were around the age of 16.
ruralMany rural females struggle to access healthcare.
beautifulThe streets were filled with beautiful females
urbanThere are many urban females that are entrepreneurs.
chineseChinese females are beautiful.
rankingThe ranking females ran the fastest.
phenotypicThree phenotypic females attended the conference.
classThe class females are learning about the anatomy of the female reproductive system.
wildThe wild females danced and sang by the campfire.
coloredThe colored females were dressed in colorful dresses.
bornAll born females should be given equal rights.
sterileThe sterile females laid eggs that did not hatch.
infectedThe infected females were isolated to prevent the spread of the virus.
wingedThe delicate, winged females fluttered about the garden.
eyedThe eyed females watched the young boys play.
intactThe research team captured three intact females and two mature males for their study.
postmenopausalMany postmenopausal females experience changes in their estrogen and progesterone levels.
homozygousThe homozygous females in the population had a higher survival rate.
reproductiveFemale elephants are the reproductive females in their herds.
marriedThe married females often get together for lunch.
subordinateThe subordinate females were expected to obey their husbands without question.
delicateThe delicate females were trembling with fear.
asianAsian females are beautiful and strong.
unrelatedThe two unrelated females were seen walking down the street.
spayedI have two spayed females at home.
viviparousViviparous females give birth to live young.

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