Adjectives for Fence

Adjectives For Fence

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fence, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'fence' can dramatically change the imagery and connotation of a sentence. A 'high fence' evokes feelings of privacy and security, while a 'low fence' suggests accessibility and openness. The material also plays a crucial role: a 'wooden fence' brings a traditional, warm feel, whereas a 'wire fence' or a 'barbed fence' may hint at utility and strict boundary enforcement. The color can also set the mood; a 'white fence' often symbolizes purity and the classic suburban dream. These nuances highlight the importance of selecting the appropriate adjective to convey the precise message or scene you envision. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'fence' and explore the unique contexts they each bring to life below.
highThe high fence prevented the dog from escaping.
woodenThe old wooden fence creaked in the wind.
wireThe cattle grazed peacefully within the confines of the wire fence
barbedThe barbed fence prevented the cattle from escaping.
whiteThe white fence contrasted starkly against the lush green grass.
lowThe dog jumped the low fence with ease.
oldThe old fence creaked in the wind.
tallThe tall fence stood protectively around the property.
footThe dog hid behind the foot fence
electricThe farmer installed an electric fence to keep the cows in the pasture.
railThe rail fence kept the livestock in the field.
ironThe iron fence surrounded the old Victorian house.
strongThe farmer built a strong fence to protect his livestock.
ripThe rip fence guided the saw blade to make straight cuts.
brokenThe children were playing in the field behind the broken fence
frontJohn painted his front fence white.
outerThe outer fence of the property was topped with barbed wire.
doubleThe double fence kept the deer out of the garden.
palingThe white paling fence contrasted against the green grass.
bigThe big fence surrounded the property.
blackThe black fence stood tall, guarding the property within.
wroughtThe wrought fence added a touch of elegance to the garden.
backOur boys are playing at the back fence and I like to watch them.
innerThe inner fence was made of barbed wire.
solidThe tall, solid fence stood firm against the wind.
chainlinkThe chainlink fence offered little protection from the elements.
neatThe neat fence looked sharp.
proofThe proof fence kept the cattle from wandering away.
protectiveThey built a protective fence around the property to deter intruders.
temporaryThe temporary fence was erected around the construction site to prevent unauthorized access.
outfieldThe outfielder threw the ball to his teammate near the outfield fence
auxiliaryThe auxiliary fence was constructed to provide additional security to the main gate.
greenThe green fence surrounded the beautiful garden.
lawfulThe lawful fence marked the boundary of the property.
roughThe rough fence was covered in vines and thorns.
substantialThe substantial fence blocked the view of the garden.
tightThe tight fence enclosed the spacious yard.
invisibleThe invisible fence kept the dog in the yard.
ricketyThe rickety fence swayed in the wind, threatening to collapse at any moment.
reedThe reed fence rattled in the cool breeze.
theThe fence was painted white.
leftThe left fence was broken and needed to be replaced.
rusticThe old, rustic fence creaked in the wind.
stoutThe stout fence shielded the yard from the raging storm.
circularThe sheep wandered around the circular fence
whitewashedThe whitewashed fence gleamed in the sunlight.
yardThe yard fence was freshly painted and looked very nice.
spikedThe spiked fence was a deterrent to intruders.
meshA 20-foot mesh fence was used for the enclosure.
nearbyThe dog sat by the nearby fence
rustyThe rusty fence creaked and groaned as the wind blew through it.
southThe tall boy ran along the south fence
sturdyThe sturdy fence protected the property from trespassers.
ornamentalThe ornamental fence added a touch of elegance to the garden.
thickA protective thick fence encircled the estate.
nearestHe jumped to the nearest fence
lightThe light fence illuminated the garden with its gentle glow.
rearMy dog likes to sit on the rear fence and watch the birds in the neighbor's yard.
dilapidatedThe dilapidated fence was swaying in the wind.
downThe farmer repaired the down fence
rudeThe rude fence blocked my path.
strandThe strand fence was used to keep the cattle in the pasture.
concreteThe concrete fence was strong and durable.
grayThe old gray fence stood tall and weathered by years of sun and rain.
straightHe climbed over the straight fence with ease.
liveThe farmer used a live fence to keep animals on his property.
eastThe east fence was painted white.
wattledThe wattled fence stood tall, keeping the animals safely enclosed.
coveredThe covered fence hid the backyard from view.

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